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Toyota Cars and Trucks – What's New for 2007

See what's new for the 2007 Toyota cars and trucks

Christian Wardlaw
by Christian Wardlaw
October 12, 2006
5 min. Reading Time

Toyota Cars and Trucks – What's New for 2007: Look up the word "juggernaut," and it's possible Webster's might illustrate the entry with Toyota's familiar global "T" badge. With four brand-new cars on the market for 2007, including a redesign for the best-selling sedan in the America and a hulking new Tundra pickup that's sure to have designers and engineers in Detroit losing sleep, Toyota is poised to continue its march toward world domination. Add in an appealing retro SUV and a fuel-sipping subcompact that arrives right when Americans are tired of trading food for fuel, and it seems almost certain that Toyotas will continue to fly off dealer lots.

Toyota 4Runner – What's New for 2007?

Toyota 4Runner – What's new for 2007? Toyota carries the 4Runner over for 2007 with no changes. That means you get a rugged SUV with 2WD or 4WD, in your choice of SR5, Sport, or Limited trim levels. In case you're wondering, this family off-roader's name is derived from the phrases "4-wheel drive" and "off-road runner."


Toyota Avalon – What's New for 2007?

Toyota Avalon – What's new for 2007? For 2007, all Toyota Avalons get a standard tire pressure monitoring system, and a navigation system is a new option for Touring models. Otherwise, Toyota stands pat on its full-size pseudo-luxury sedan.


Toyota Camry – What's New for 2007?

Toyota Camry – What's new for 2007? The best-selling sedan in America gets a complete overhaul for 2007, redesigned from the rubber to the roof and now available in a fuel-sipping Hybrid version that gets 40 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway. Toyota Camry highlights include cleaner-burning, more powerful engines; roomier and more comfortable interiors; a performance-tuned SE variant; and stylish sheetmetal. Side-impact, side-curtain, and front knee airbags are standard, along with whiplash-reducing front seats. Choose CE, LE, SE, XLE, or Hybrid trim levels at prices ranging from the low-20s to the mid-30s.


Toyota Camry Solara – What's New for 2007?

Toyota Camry Solara – What's new for 2007? Toyota gives the Camry Solara an overhaul for 2007, including restyled front and rear ends, the addition of LED taillights, and a new audio system with MP3/Satellite capability plus an auxiliary input jack. Toyota has also added Bluetooth-compatible wireless technology to the Solara Coupe and Convertible.


Toyota Corolla – What's New for 2007?

Toyota Corolla – What's new for 2007? Faced with stiff new competition in the critical compact market segment, Toyota opts to carry the popular Corolla over without change as it anticipates the arrival of a completely redesigned model for 2008. The higher-horsepower performance version, the Corolla XRS, has been dropped from the lineup for 2007.


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Toyota FJ Cruiser – What's new for 2007? Retro design isn't dead, or so Toyota believes. Check out the new FJ Cruiser as proof, a true off-roader built on the 4Runner platform and designed to evoke memories of the legendary FJ-40. Today's FJ is much more comfortable and sophisticated, and feels like a Hummer from behind the steering wheel. Painted in bright colors and offered with numerous options, the FJ is a fun and functional, if not family-friendly, SUV.


Toyota Highlander – What's New for 2007?

Toyota Highlander – What's new for 2007? As it nears the end of its life in current form, the Toyota Highlander receives a few tweaks to keep it competitive. The Hybrid model has new headlights and its unique dash display now features a miles-per-gallon readout. Highlander Hybrids also get a standard third-row seat, but the rearmost bench can be deleted. Regular strength models get the same redesigned headlights, standard side-impact and side-curtain airbags, and lower emissions for the four-cylinder model.


Toyota Land Cruiser – What's New for 2007?

Toyota Land Cruiser – What's new for 2007? After a modest refresh for 2006, the Toyota Land Cruiser sees no changes except for the addition of standard side-impact and side-curtain airbags. The curtain airbags protect occupants in the first and second rows of seats.


Toyota Matrix – What's New for 2007?

Toyota Matrix – What's new for 2007? Enthusiasts can bid the Toyota Matrix XRS goodbye, as it has been cancelled for 2007. That leaves the standard Matrix and the uplevel XR model. Otherwise, there are no changes to the Matrix lineup for 2007.


Toyota Prius – What's New for 2007?

Toyota Prius – What's new for 2007? Toyota aims to give greenies a "more engaging driving experience" with the introduction of the Prius Touring model for 2007. Basically, the Prius Touring comes with the firmer suspension tuning offered in overseas markets, coupled with handsome 16-inch alloy wheels that Weird Al Yankovic would never think were White & Nerdy. Prius Touring models also have a larger rear spoiler, fog lights, and HID headlights. All Priuses receive standard side-impact and side-curtain airbags, too.



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