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AutoPacific 2010 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards: Car Segment Winners

13 highest-ranked cars in owner satisfaction

Chris Allen
by Chris Allen
May 21, 2010
4 min. Reading Time


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Premium Luxury Car: Lexus LS

Overall, the 2010 Lexus LS shines in the areas of size, comfort, interior, vehicle performance, and brand and vehicle reputation. Owners were most pleased with driver's seat comfort, exterior and interior styling, the feel of interior fabrics and materials, quietness inside the vehicle, and performance such as acceleration, braking, power, and fun to drive. Brand and vehicle reputation also weighed-in heavily, with the LS scoring satisfaction scores of 4.9 out of 5 for each. 


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Aspirational Luxury Car: Hyundai Genesis

Competing in a class that includes vehicles such as the BMW 1 and 3 Series, Audi A4 and A5, Volvo V70, and Lexus IS, the Genesis proves that in it's second model year, Hyundai's first rear-wheel-drive large sedan has some major staying power.  The Genesis scored top satisfaction in its class for exterior size, ease of getting in and out, overall seating capacity, rear seat comfort, quietness inside vehicle, operating costs, value, range (miles for fuel), and warranty.


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Large Car: Ford Taurus

Completely redesigned for 2010, the Ford Taurus charges onto the market and into owner's hearts. Scoring highest in overall satisfaction, the Taurus was also tops in most categories. Particularly shining for vehicle and brand image, exterior styling, feeling safe while driving, safety, and overall quality, the Taurus bested vehicles such as the Dodge Charger, Toyota Avalon, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Cadillac DTS.


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Luxury Mid-Size Car: Nissan Maxima

Nissan markets the 2010 Maxima as a 4-door sports car, so it's no surprise that the Maxima shines in areas regarding performance such as acceleration, braking, handling, and fun to drive. Compared with vehicles like the Acura TSX, Lincoln MKZ, and Lexus ES, the Maxima scored the highest satisfaction for ease of getting in and out, driver's seat comfort, flexible/changeable seating, image, exterior styling, and driver's seat rearward visibility.


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Premium Mid Car: Honda Accord

While Honda's midsize car is no stranger to media praise, it's clear that the Accord has satisfied owners as well. Besting cars like the Volkswagen CC, Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry, Mazda 6, and Buick LaCrosse, the Accord scored highest satisfaction through majority of the measures. Standouts include exterior and interior styling, brand and vehicle reputation, reliability, and safety. 


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Mid-Size Car: Suzuki Kizashi

The highest scoring vehicle in this years study, the all-new Suzuki Kizashi overwhelmingly satisfies its owners. Besting its closest competition (which includes the Volkwagen Jetta and Subaru Outback) in all but 9 categories, the Kizashi is a clear satisfier. Highest scores are in the areas of performance (braking, handling, fun to drive), safety (feeling safe while driving, safety features, and overall quality), and styling (exterior, interior, and paint).


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Premium Compact Car: Volkswagen GTI

The original hot hatch is redesigned for 2010, officially marking the Volkswagen GTI's sixth generation. The new hatchback had no issue satisfying buyers, besting its closest competition which included the Volvo C30, MINI Cooper, and Subaru WRX. Highlights include best scores for exterior size, ease of getting in and out, overall seating capacity, and drivers comfort. Also noteworthy are highest scores in handling and fun to drive.


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Compact Car: Nissan Cube

When Toyota first launched the Scion brand, its quirky little xB made quite a splash in the compact car segment. Proving that it can be cool to be square, Nissan's new compact Cube continues where the first generation Scion xB left off. Scoring highest in its segment for ease of getting in and out, overall seating capacity, flexible/changeable seating, and cupholder design and size, and with exceptionally high marks in vehicle and brand reputation, durability, and value, the Cube is compact car to beat.


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Economy Car: Honda Fit

The compact car market is a somewhat small market in the United States, but of the vehicles we receive, there are many stand-outs. The Honda Fit is a staple in the compact car segment, and now it's obvious as to why. Scoring ahead of the closest competition (including the smart fortwo, Nissan Versa, and Scion xD), the Fit shines most in terms of vehicle and brand reputation, exterior styling, fun to drive, environmental friendliness, innovative technology, and operating costs.


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Sports Car: Porsche 911

Dominating the sports car class this year is Porsche's venerable 911. In fact, with much of the competition coming from fellow Porsche family members (Cayman and Boxster), Porsche is at the head of the game for sports cars. For the 911, brand reputation, exterior styling, and quality were highlights, while handling and fun to drive scored perfect 5/5's. 



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