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What Is Volkswagen’s KESSY Keyless Access?

Brent Dunn
by Brent Dunn
September 3, 2014
2015 vw golf

2015 vw golf

KESSY is the electronic locking and starting system found in modern Volkswagens that allows the driver to access and start the vehicle without having to use a traditional key. The system is made up of two components, the KESSY transmitter that is carried by the driver, and the starter module which is built into the car’s dash. The two devices communicate with each other using rolling security codes that are constantly changing, which means that KESSY can offer convenience while still being secure.

When the driver gets within approximately 5 feet of the vehicle the transmitter sends a signal to the car, allowing the doors to be opened by simply touching the door handles. When the driver gets behind the wheel the system automatically releases the steering lock and powers on the electrical system. Depending on the model, the engine can then be started by simply pressing the starter button. When you’re drive is complete, you can lock the vehicle by pressing the lock button on the exterior door handle. The system can also automatically detect if you’ve left the key inside the vehicle, in order to prevent you from locking yourself out.


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