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What Is The Cadillac Safety Alert Seat?

Brent Dunn
by Brent Dunn
April 2, 2014

The Cadillac Safety Alert Seat is a system that alerts the driver of potential dangers by vibrating parts of the seat. The seats are part of the Cadillac Driver Awareness and Driver Assist packages, and feature directional tactile sensation which vibrates the left or right sides of the seat individually or together to notify the driver of threats while driving.

When the car detects that you are veering out of your lane (or towards obstacles when parking) it will vibrate the appropriate side of the seat and provide visual alerts to warn you of the danger. Research has shown that the Safety Alert Seat may allow the driver to react to situations more quickly than traditional audio alerts.

The Safety Alert seats also work with the Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Park Assist systems. If the Rear Cross Traffic Alert system detects oncoming traffic while the vehicle is in reverse it will signal the driver by pulsing either the left or right side of the seat. When parking the car uses the seat to notify the driver when obstacles are first detected by pulsing both sides of the seat, and then repeats the pulses as the car gets closer to the object.


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