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What Is Buick’s QuietTuning?

Brent Dunn
by Brent Dunn
September 3, 2014
2015 buick regal

2015 buick regal

QuietTuning is the name Buick uses to describe the exclusive engineering process that they use to design a quiet and distraction-free cabin. Buick tests their cars using both physical and virtual tests, including in wind tunnels, in thermal and cold chambers, and using a four post shaker rig (like they use in NASCAR). Depending on the model, QuietTuning uses various methods to reduce sounds at their source, block sounds from entering the cabin, and absorb remaining sounds in order to eliminate unwanted interior noise.

Some of these sound reduction methods are fairly traditional, and include an acoustic laminated windshield and side glass, acoustic insulation material on both sides of the steel dash panel, under the hood, in the doors and in the headliner, dual-density carpet on the floor, and triple sealed doors. Buick also uses underbody paneling that lowers wind and road surface noise while also improving fuel economy, quiet-tuned tires, isolated chassis components, hydraulic suspension bushings and an isolated engine cradle to reduce vibrations, and high-strength steel to help eliminate squeaks and rattles.

Less traditional methods to keep the interior quiet include include liquid applied sound deadener, tuned air intake and exhaust systems, heat activated baffles (that expand in the paint ovens) in various pillars, crossbars and other structural members to seal and close sections of the body, aerodynamically optimized outside mirrors, an ultra quiet alternator, and a patented rear suspension.

Some models also get Bose Active Noise Cancellation. This system uses microphones mounted in the ceiling to detect noises. The sound is then processed by a computer that analyzes the frequencies and creates counteracting sound waves which are played through the vehicle’s speakers and subwoofer, effectively cancelling out the sound. The QuietTuning not only makes for a quieter interior, but also helps increase the accuracy of the IntelliLink voice control system by improving the signal-to-noise ratio, improves phone call quality, and generally improves comfort.


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