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What do they check when performing a 100-point checklist?

Michelle Naranjo
by Michelle Naranjo
August 17, 2008

1 Door seams- even and straight 2 Fender seams- even and straight 3 Hood and fender seams- even and straight 4 Trunk and fenders seams- even and straight 5 Body panel repair check- body repair indications 6 Fender repair check- fender repair indications 7 Door repair check- door repair indication 8 Rocker panel check- rocker panel repair indication 9 Consistent paint color check 10 Repaint check- overall vehicle 11 Overspray check- moldings 12 Overspray check- door edges 13 Overspray check- hood 14 Overspray check- trunk

15 Consistent 4 tire tread check 16 4 tire size check 17 4 tire brand check 18 Spare tire check 19 Tire jack check 20 Tire lug wrench check 21 Locking hubcap removal key check 22 Spare tire inflation check

23 Level vehicle check 24 Shock absorber check 25 Noise check on vehicle corners

26 Frame straightening check 27 Trunk interior 28 Wheel well interiors 29 Hood interior 30 Frame outer edge 28 Check for scratched or recently cleaned areas

29 Gas cap check- correct fit, key 30 Interior gas cap- filler neck, leaded fuel restrictor

31 Upholstery check 32 Upholstery tears 33 Upholstery stains 34 Upholstery burns 35 Dashboard check 36 Headliner check 37 Seats adjustment check 38 Missing window cranks, door locks, handles, dash controls 39 Interior light check 40 Dash bulb check 41 Carpet condition check and match 42 Water damage check- mildew 43 Under dash carpet check- heater core or air conditioner leak

44 Accessory operation test 45 Air conditioner- quick response and proper temperature 46 Heater- quick response and proper temperature 47 Alarm system function 48 GPS function 49 Audio system check-speakers

50 Oil and fluid leaks check 51 Full operating temperature check 52 Smell check- leaking fluids on hot engine parts 53 Noise check- clattering, metallic, hissing 54 Missing parts check 55 Removed parts check

56 Fluid leak check. Green antifreeze, reddish power steering or transmission fluid, dark brown or black fluid oil or brake fluid. 57 Transmission underside check 58 Axle ends check 59 Engine underside check 60 Brake line connections check 61 Ground check- fluid leak beneath the vehicle 62 Loose parts 63 Missing parts- bolts, clamps, brackets or cables 64 Rusty exhaust system parts 65 Bottomed out check- scrapes 66 Exhaust check-normal temperature 67 Smoke check-White or blue and black smoke

68 Engine start check 69 Engine stall check 70 Engine idle check 71 Engine idle speed check 72 Engine acceleration hesitation 73 Engine smooth operation check 74 Engine power check 75 Cruise control check 76 Engine system warning lights check 77 Engine dieseling check

78 Smooth automatic shifting check 79 Smooth manual-shift 80 Smooth take-off without grabbing or jerking 81 Hard acceleration in third or fourth gear 82 Hard acceleration while going uphill 83 Clutch Slippage Check- Rise in engine RPMs without a equal increase in vehicle speed 84 Low gear manual-shift check

85 4-wheel drive Forward and reverse check 86 Tight corner check- noises 87 Tight corner check- wheels bind or pull 88 Straight drive check- wheels bind or pull

89 Brake check- various speeds 90 Brake check- sudden stop check 91 Brake check- pull to one side 92 Brakes stop check 93 ABS check- sudden stop capability 94 Wheel lock check 95 Parking brake hold and release check

96 Steering check- vehicle pull to one side 97 Steering check- stiff 98 Steering check- sharp turn- noises, rubbing, binding 99 Steering check- shake or vibration at higher speeds 100 Steering wheel check- centered


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