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Used Ferrari Cars


Based in Italy, Ferrari has a worldwide reputation as the builder of some of the best high performance sports cars on the market. The company makes extensive use of its racing experience to develop technologies and designs which are as equally at home on the race track as they are on the street. The level of craftsmanship and dedication to quality that goes into each Ferrari vehicle is unsurpassed in the industry.

Ferrari sells a full range of sports cars, although none could be called truly entry level. The company prefers to divide its lineup into 8-cylinder and 12-cylinder cars. The F430, F430 Spider convertible, F430 Challenge factory race car and the F430 Scuderia all make use of a V8 engine, while the V12 cars are represented by the 612 Scaglietti four-seater, the 599 GTB Fiorano coupe and the FXX supercar.

Ferrari's History

Company founder Enzo Ferrari was a young engineer who toiled for several years at Alfa Romeo as a race driver, manager and a mechanic. The organization that would become Ferrari the automaker grew out of the team he assembled to campaign in motorsports for Alfa Romeo, finally heading out on its own and producing their very first car in 1948. The vehicle was powered by a V12 engine, which would become a corporate trademark. More interested in racing than in business, it has often been said that the only reason Ferrari ever sold vehicles to the public was to fund his racing efforts. This is an attitude that continues to this day, as Ferrari is heavily involved in Formula 1 racing as well as several other series.

Ferrari would continue to construct both successful race cars and elegant street machines over the course of the next 20 years, gradually narrowing down their focus to their Formula 1 effort. The 1960’s would be a fruitful period for the company, but increased competition from companies like Porsche and even Ford caused Enzo Ferrari to sell half of his company to Fiat in 1969. This financial stability allowed Ferrari to weather the financial hardships that hit many automakers in the 70’s as a result of the oil crisis and poor economic conditions. The company regained steam in the early 1980’s, fighting through emissions controls and lowered expectations to produce some of the few shining lights in that dark period of automotive history. The used Ferrari lineup is composed of a strong mix of high performance exotic cars.

Modern Day Ferrari

The influence of Enzo Ferrari over his former company contined until his death in 1988, although his official power within the corporation was largely nominal. He was instrumental in the release of the Ferrari F40, which many feel is the definitive performance car of the 1980’s. His vision of what a sports car should be guided Ferrari into their most fruitful period ever. Beginning in the 1990’s, Ferrari was able to capitalise on the repeat successes of both the F355 and F360, as well as wow the automotive world with the F50 and Enzo supercars. In addition to their strong financial success, Ferrari has also been able to dominate Formula 1 racing for a number of years, contributing to an extremely positive consumer image of the Italian automaker.