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Top 10 Near-Luxury Cars of 2010

by Autotropolis Contributors
December 1, 2009

Having all the 'bells and whistles' is one of the hallmarks of owning a luxury car. You've got comfort, class, technological innovations and, most of all, a design that screams 'luxury!' However, for those who want all the benefits of a luxury car, without the obnoxious styling, there are a few options on the market.

Surprisingly, quite a few people will find that the current crop of understated luxury cars is quite impressive. However, what makes a luxury car 'understated'? Does it mean that the car is just plain? Does it mean that you are somehow missing something that the more over the top (and more expensive) luxury cars have?

You will find that, while the average sedan doesn't rate as any type of luxury car, there are several options on the market that will provide you with comfort, a refined ride and quite a bit of enjoyment. In fact, you will find that our top 10 list offers you the best way to choose the perfect car that bespeaks power and luxury, without shouting it for all the world to hear.

Making our list was no easy task. It required that we do a lot of research. However, we persevered and created this list of 10 vehicles that offer refinement and modesty at the same time. What did we base our decision on? In order to be considered for our list, each vehicle had to pass for style, technology and convenience, level of luxury included, fit and finish (inside and out), as well as driving comfort, reliability, safety and price.

  • Style and Design
  • Technology and Convenience Features
  • Level of Luxury
  • Fit and Finish
  • Driving Comfort
  • Expected Reliability
  • Safety
  • Initial Purchase Price (MSRP)


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