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Top 10 Most Awesome Features in the 2016 Mazda3's Interior

by Clint Simone
November 12, 2015
3 min. Reading Time

The 2016 Mazda3 has received high praise for having one of the best interiors in the industry. This is especially the case considering the reasonable price point that it falls within. Let's take a look at how Mazda created one of the most well-appointed and tech-savvy interiors available by checking out the top 10 awesome interior features in the 2016 Mazda3.

1) Paddle Shifters

Part of Mazda’s philosophy to bring this generation's Mazda3 to a more sporty level includes better control over engine and transmission dynamics. Paddle shifters are available starting at the sTouring trim level and allow for quick, controllable shifts via steering wheel-mounted paddles. This is the best way to enjoy the full performance potential of the Mazda3 in any sporty driving scenario.


2) Rearview Camera

A rearview camera is becoming less of a rare commodity amongst modern vehicle interiors. However, Mazda is bringing the technology to a more affordable reality by offering it as a standard option for all Mazda3s. The display is clear and shows nicely on the center screen, which is easily viewable from anywhere within the cabin. The rearview camera is one of the many features that also demonstrates Mazda’s commitment to providing safe cars, even at the lower end of the price spectrum.


3) Mazda Connect

Perhaps one of the best parts about buying a car in 2015 is the standard technology available to consumers. Mazda expands upon that notion by offering a center-stack display audio screen as standard with the 2016 Mazda3. The screen, named Mazda Connect, offers a wide array of fantastic, interactive features, many of which will be covered later on. The Mazda Connect infotainment system also includes optional navigation as part of the GRAND TOURING trim level.

 Photo by Benjamin Hunting

Photo by Benjamin Hunting

4) Bose Sound System

There is no shortage of incredible audio systems to pick from in today's car-buying market, and Bose sits atop the majority of the competition. The Mazda3 offers an available Bose 9-speaker audio system to fill the cabin, utilizing Audiopoint technology. This is a coined Bose term that has a direct affect on the improved audio quality within the car. The Audiopoint feature continuously monitors cabin noise levels and responds by cancelling ambient noise, providing a more immersive audio experience. The Bose system comes as part of the Grand iTouring package.


5) Center Control Knob

Manufacturers across the board have developed plenty of methods that they believe work best to control infotainment screens. Many of them, Mazda included, have decided on a center control knob works best to control the functions of the infotainment screen. The knob is placed within a short reach of either the driver or passenger and gives easy, direct control of the system menus, functions, etc.

 Photo by Benjamin Hunting

Photo by Benjamin Hunting

6) Pandora/Stitcher/Aha Radio

As part of the Mazda3's standard infotainment package, the system comes packed with many exciting features, most that would typically be found on an options list in other vehicles. Pandora, Stitcher and Aha are the three alternative music streaming options to standard AM/FM and Aux. The apps are used via the passenger’s smartphone connected to the infotainment system.


7) SMS Text Message Capability

Another exciting standard feature of the Mazda Connect infotainment system is the capability to send and receive SMS text messages. This features enables the driver to remain focused on the road ahead of them, rather than on their phone while driving. The system reads aloud incoming messages as desired and even allows for verbal responses, via a button mounted on the multifunction steering wheel.


8) Radar-Guided Cruise Control/Front-Collision Warning

While many competitive cars in the Mazda3's segment offer cruise control as standard, Mazda does one better by offering an available radar-guided cruise control system, which automatically monitors the car in front and maintains a safe distance, without driver intervention. This feature works with speeds as low as 19 MPH. Also available is a front-collision warning system that notifies the driver if a frontal collision is approaching, giving the driver extra time to avoid contact. Both systems work to create a safer driving experience inside the Mazda3.


9) Blind Spot Monitoring/Lane-Departure Warning

To round out the Mazda3's safety suite, the car offers a blind-spot monitoring system, which keeps the driver safe during lane changes. Warning sensors are placed on both exterior mirrors, giving the driver a clear view of potential danger. Another optional feature is the active lane-departure warning, a feature that comes as part of the iTouring trim level. This system alerts the driver, via a vibration warning, that the vehicle has strayed out of its line, prompting them to quickly adjust.


10) Heads Up Display

Despite all of the available technology in the Mazada3, one feature stands out above the rest. The heads up display, or in Mazda terms “active driving display,” brings a new dimension to interactive information. The display is shown via a piece of hard plastic placed directly in the driver’s sightline. The "active" portion of the term refers to the varying information that is displayed, including speed and navigation directions. Look for this technology as part of the sTouring trim level.



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