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Rahat’s Best Drive Thru Pranks

Lyndon Bell
by Lyndon Bell
June 4, 2014
3 min. Reading Time

It was bound to happen, you’ve got a ready outlet for videos of this nature in You Tube, you have a legion of creative individuals out there, clearly with way too much time on their hands, and you’ve got a built-in supply of unsuspecting fast food workers, as the drive through restaurant has become an intrinsic part of the American landscape. Put the three together and you have the perfect recipe for video drive thru pranks.

One of the best people out there pulling these sorts of pranks is Rahat Hossain. Operating under the moniker of the Magic of Rahat, he’s a certified magician. Under the auspices of Penguin Magic, Rahat produces videos for distribution over You Tube.

Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, he makes most of his own props for the pranks you’ll see in the accompanying videos. Other times, he takes existing tricks and bends them to fit his genre. To capture reactions, Rahat uses a hidden camera in the car. He says one in four people will catch the camera, but for the most part they’re so startled by the prank, they never see it.

A working magician who has done parties and corporate events, Rahat’s having a good time doing the videos, but his ultimate goal is to produce a stage show and perform live. Given he has upwards of 300 million views on You Tube, we think he’s well on his way. If you’ve seen him already, have fun with these again, if you haven’t, well…


Rahat’s Best Drive Thru Pranks: Static Shock Fainting

How many times have you gotten out of your car and got that little static discharge shock when the air was super dry? In this series of vignettes, Rahat takes that moment and escalates it by pretending it makes him pass out. The responses are mostly worried about his well being…all of them except the woman at 1:22 who—well—let’s just say she’s not terribly concerned about Rahat at all.


Rahat’s Best Drive Thru Pranks: Invisible Driver

For this one, Rahat devised a costume he could use to make it look like there was nobody driving his car. Is it a ghost? Is it a self-driving car? Watch as the hilarity ensues as the workers try to figure out what is up with—THAT! Dude at 2:37 is just way too funny, as are the women at the McDonald’s who declare; Yo, Instagram that joint!!!


Rahat’s Best Drive Thru Pranks: Teddy Bear

For Valentine’s Day, Rahat uses the Invisible Driver rig and goes through the drive-thru as a teddy bear. Romantic right? It’s the holiday of love and Teddy’s just looking for somebody to show some affection, and, uh, pick up a side of nuggets. Of course, at this point many people had seen the film “Ted”, but it still got quite a reaction.


Rahat’s Best Drive Thru Pranks: Skeleton Driver

Again, a variation on the Invisible Driver, this time a skeleton is placed in the driver’s seat. And yes, the very first reaction you’ll hear on the video is a very rousing WTF!?!? In fact, it’s a pretty common thread throughout the video. But that’s not the amazing part, the amazing part is, most people actually give the skeleton the food. I mean like HELLO? Skeletons obviously don’t eat y”all…!


Rahat’s Best Drive Thru Pranks: Headless Driver

In this one, it’s a good thing the driver has no head, because he seldom gets the food. The upside is, the restaurant workers seldom take his money either. You’re going to love the one guy at :59. He’s so jaded, his response is basically, yeah, I’ve seen it all—good job. Ah, the joys of living in a modern urban environment—absolutely nothing fazes him anymore.


Rahat’s Best Drive Thru Pranks: Fire Wallet

OK, so you’re working the window at the restaurant, a guy pulls up to retrieve his order like so many other people have done throughout your days of working the job. But then, when he goes to pay, FIRE comes shooting out of his wallet y’all! Check it out.


Rahat’s Best Drive Thru Pranks: Floating Cup

Take one cup of soda, make it levitate inside your car, and watch as the restaurant workers try to figure out how you make it happen. Everybody’s having fun with it for the most part until the woman at 1:30 declares, and we quote; “That muthafu*ka is a demon…” But it’s not so much what she says, as it is the way she says it. I’ve seen it before and here it is again; “That muthaf*ka’s a demon.” Too funny!


Rahat’s Best Drive Thru Pranks: Magical Changing Money

OK, so in this one Rahat actually walks into the restaurant, but it’s still pretty good. When he finds out the food costs more cash than he has; three dollars suddenly become 15. Here’s the thing, Rahat uses no editing tricks to make his pranks work. Dude’s a magician, he perform the feat of prestidigitation right there at the counter.  Of course, if you take people making minimum wage, and show them you have the ability to turn ones into fives… Yeah, you can pretty much guess what’s coming next—right? “C’mon, hook me up man!”


Rahat’s Best Drive Thru Pranks: Scary Doll

Also known as “Chucky” goes to the drive-thru. And while they all agree it’s creepy, they also think he’s—cute? Chucky, my man, looks like you’ve lost your mojo Bro…


Rahat’s Best Drive Thru Pranks: Zombie Eats Headless Driver’s Head

To round out our list, the headless driver now is now rolling with a traveling companion. A traveling companion with a taste for high-protein brain food.  Of course, the obvious question here  is why would they even need to go to a drive-thru? After all, the headless guy ain’t eatin’, and the Zombie’s eatin’ the headless guy’s brains—right? But here’s the deal— where else is the Zombie going to get some free honey mustard dipping sauce, yo?



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