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Porsche Announces Fix for 911 GT3 Fire Hazard

Plans Include Total Engine Replacement

William Maley
by William Maley
March 20, 2014

The Porsche 911 GT3 and Ferrari 458 Italia have something in common as both models have the ability to spontaneously combust. In the case of the 911 GT3, Porsche launched an investigation and cautioned owners not to drive their vehicles until they identified the source of the problem. This week, the company announced more details surrounding the problem, as well as their proposed solution. 

According to Porsche, the problem stems from "...a loosened screw joint on the connecting rod..." in the engine which could cause the rod to loosen and damage the crankcase, creating an oil leak. It would only take an ignition source to prompt a full-fledged fire. 

How does Porsche plan on fixing the effected 785 GT3 models? By replacing the entire engine with a brand new one that features improved fittings for the screws to keep the connecting rod in place. Dealers with the affected models have been notified and are in the process of advising owners on what to do next.

No word on what Porsche plans to do with all of the defective engines that are going to be replaced.


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