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Nick Dompierre: Celebrity Interview

A pro skateboarder with an appetite for fast cars

by Autobytel Staff
June 3, 2008

Red Bull pro-athlete Nick Dompierre is just as comfortable performing an ollie on his skateboard for the cover of Thrasher Magazine as he is blasting off tire-smoking burnouts at the drag strip. In our experience, this makes perfect sense. Action sports athletes are adrenaline junkies no matter what the medium, and when that need for adrenaline fuels a passion for cars too, well, you know we need to do a MyRide With.

Raised in Massachusetts, Nick took on skateboarding seriously at a young age. By the age of 16, Nick had a major sponsor, and by 19, he was nominated for Transworld SKATEboarding's 2006 Street Skater of the Year. In his words, "I'll skate any contest," and after having watched some of his footage on YouTube, we believe it. Throw on your skateboard kicks for another Autobytel With.

What was your first car and your favorite memory of it?

My first car was my [Chevrolet Camaro] IROC-Z. I drove it to high school and stuff. It was all stock for like two years-then I wanted to make it fast. So I built the car and now it is what it is. Nothing is stock anymore. My favorite memory is every time I drive it, there's nothing else like it.


Tell us about your current car situation, what you're driving, etc.

I have my IROC and a 1987 BMW 325is. The BMW is my daily driver. I just put a turbo in it. I built everything for it. Custom exhaust and all the fabrication work for the intercooler piping. It's so fun to drive. I built it to be a little street sleeper and it sure is. When I just drive normal you can't hear the turbo at all. People just think it's a stock car. Then when I race them and spank them, they ask what I have; I just tell them a chip and 3" exhaust. Haha suckas!

If you could steal one of your fellow athletes' rides, which would it be and why?

Probably Bam's [Margera] Lambo. That car is so bad ass. No car sounds like it at all. And it's like your sitting on the ground. His Lambo is definitely sick as f--k.

What car do you have your eye on next? Why that car?

I really like the new [Infiniti] G37 Coupe. It's a nice car. Plus they make a turbo kit for it. But I've never owned a car newer than '87. Would be nice just to get in and drive, no maintenance.

If you had to ride shotgun for 8 hours with a fellow athlete, who would it be?

 Probably Jon Allie. I'm pretty sure he's into cars just as much as I am. I've talked to him before and he knows how to relate. I mean some people ask me about my car and I explain it to them and they don't know what I'm talking about. But Jon knows what's up so it's cool to bulls--t about cars with someone who knows what you're talking about.

Maybe Nick failed to mention it in case he meets you at a red light one day, but we heard that his IROC-Z has a secret weapon and it's called nitrous, as in "let me push this button and see you in the next time zone." We dig it. We'd be curious to know what Nick thinks about the new Camaro coming out any minute now. We've seen Bam's Lamborghini, and not the purple Gallardo he used a reciprocating saw on to create a "sunroof", but his new Murcielago Roadster (Stunt Factor: Showstopper); we'd take it too. Finally, Nick, if you ever want to come bulls--t cars with us, we're down. We aren't cool like on a pro-skating level, but we did get a Nissan GT-R in last week and flogged that thing through Death Valley. Best of luck, keep smoking those tires.


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By Staff Photos courtesy of Giovanni Reda (title photo), Nick Dompierre, MyRide.com, Infiniti USA Video courtesy of YouTube


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