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A new convertible is in the simplest terms a vehicle with a folding top. When you think of a new convertible car, a picture may form in your mind of an automobile with a tattered canvas top with a tiny rear window. Well the new convertibles available for sale in today’s market are much more sophisticated and reliable. Browse thousands of new convertible cars for sale online at Autobytel.com. Search by manufacturer, year, make, and model. Before you buy a new convertible, make sure to take full advantage of the research information and resources available at Autobytel.com. Ask any owner about their new convertible car and they sing the praises of top-down driving fun: the sun on their face and the wind blowing through their hair. Those who own new convertibles are a very loyal breed. In the past convertibles were reserved for summer driving fun. But there have been major advancements made over the recent years, most notably the invention of the retractable hardtop. Now new convertible cars with retractable hardtops can be seen on the road year-round. Gone are the days of flimsy ragtops that even when up still have a bad draft, or leak whenever it rains. Much progress has been made in the quality of soft tops too. What makes an automobile a true convertible is the fact that the roof is attached to the body and cannot be detached. Rather these tops are hinged at the rear and can be folded into a space located at the rear of the vehicle, whether it the trunk or a space behind the seats. The majority of new convertibles have automatic tops that work via electronic actuators. But there may still be lingering models around in which the tops need to be manually raised or lowered. Owning a new convertible offers many benefits that enhance the overall driving experience. But there are a few downsides associated with convertible automobiles. A new convertible car is not as safe as its hardtop brethren. They offer significantly reduced protection to the driver in the event of a roll-over. Some soft-top convertibles do not offer a lot in the way of theft protection. It is much easier to break into a soft-top vehicle than a fully enclosed hard-top car. There is the chance that with a soft-top; the material that makes-up the stack (retractable portion) can deteriorate over time. But the new convertibles of today feature far superior materials than those of yester-year. Also convertible automobiles often have a rear window that is decreased in size, thereby limiting the rear visibility. There is a loss of trunk space associated with a convertible, due to the needed storage space when the top is down. Finally without the added support of a hard-top, all convertibles have chassis that is not as rigid as a normal hard-top vehicle. There are two types of new convertible cars out on the market today. The first is the soft-top and the second is the retractable hard-top. A soft-top new convertible can also be called a cabriolet, a roadster, or a spyder. A hard-top new convertible car is also referred to as a coupe cabriolet, coupe convertible or retractable hard-top. Soft-top can be made out of many materials such as canvas or vinyl; whereas a hard-top is almost always made from steel or aluminum. There are those high end sports cars that have a hard-top made from carbon fiber. New convertibles offer beautiful lines and a fun in the sun attitude. Find a new convertible online at Autobytel.com.