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Kelley Blue Book ® - 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis Overview

Vehicle Overview from Kelley Blue Book

KBB.com 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis Overview

The Middle Class Has Never Had it so Good

The Grand Marquis is a cruiser. It is designed to carry six adults in complete comfort over miles and miles of paved roadway. The big Mercury has always offered middle class Americans a way to enjoy the good life. Pampered by luxury and surrounded by vast expanses of metal and glass, occupants of the Grand Marquis might very well conclude they are riding inside a Lincoln Town Car. In truth, the two cars do share many components, but the Grand Marquis can be had for a mere $25,000.

While the more modern enthusiast may consider the Grand Marquis something of a throwback, its basic layout consisting of a solid rear axle, rear wheel drive and a powerful V8 engine is as traditionally American as apple pie. For those too young to remember when all cars were built like this, a spin in a Grand Marquis can be a real thrill. Raised behind the steering wheels of no-nonsense imports, there is an entire segment of the population that have never experienced the sensation of floating on air or being completely isolated from outside noise. They've also not known the sheer joy of a torque-happy V8 ready to be unleashed by simply pressing on the accelerator. If your next trip requires you to rent a car, and you're planning on driving a long distance, do yourself a favor and rent a Grand Marquis. It's a treat everyone should experience at least once a year.

Of course, if you're in the market for such a car, then your decision has really been made for you. You see, outside of its twin, the Ford Crown Victoria, the Grand Marquis has no rivals; no one else makes a full-sized, six-passenger, rear-wheel drive family sedan. And no other car can pack away cargo like a Grand Marquis. Pop the rear deck and you'll find a trunk that appears deeper than it is long. Mercury has redesigned the Grand Marquis trunk to be more "user-friendly," with a spare that stows easily and a low lift over height that makes loading and unloading a less strenuous task.

Climb inside and you'll find a spacious interior with thickly padded seats and loads of hip and shoulder room. Though they say you can fit six people in the Grand Marquis, we imagine it is more comfortable with just two up front and three in back. The seats in the Grand Marquis feel more like sitting on your living room couch; only you can adjust them up, down and at any angle with just the touch of a button. High-end models offer heated leather seats and there is a new two-tone interior package that provides interior highlights in either Spruce Green, Silver Birch or primary white.

You'll also find a host of features designed to make life a little easier while on the road. Overhead, a new console displays outside temperature, time and compass. In the dash, a new CD player replaces the standard cassette deck and you'll find automatic controls for the air conditioning and headlamps.

Under the hood, a 4.6-liter V8 cranks out 224 horsepower. This engine has excellent pulling power in the form of a strong low-end torque that makes it a prime candidate for those who need their car to tow a trailer or boat. The LS model receives a dual exhaust system that increases horsepower to 235. The Grand Marquis' electronically controlled four-speed automatic delivers smooth, quick shifts and its overdrive gear allows the full-sized Grand Marquis to earn an EPA highway estimate of 25 miles per gallon-far better than most similarly powered SUVs.

Mercury offers the Grand Marquis in two trim levels: GS and LS. GS models are the entry-level models, fully capable of satisfying most needs. LS trims are the luxury editions that offer more standard equipment, such as leather seating, side-airbag curtains and premium audio. There is also an optional handling package similar to that used by police cars. The package features 16-inch alloy wheels, stiffer rear air springs and shocks, anti-roll bars and a 3.27-rear axle ratio for quicker off-the-line starts. The sport package also includes a dual exhaust that bumps horsepower up to 239.

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