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Long Term Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Luxury Edition Review

Lyndon Bell
by Lyndon Bell
April 18, 2014

Barreling along a two-lane mountain road—at what seems an impossible pace for a car of this size—our long term Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Luxury Edition sedan is hungrily consuming heaping helpings of two-lane blacktop. Burying our right foot more deeply into the throttle, the Chrysler cheerfully indulges our keen urging for an even more elevated tempo.

Suddenly, up ahead, the road bends sharply to the right.

We flick the left paddle shifter behind the steering wheel three times and the Chrysler’s transmission enthusiastically downshifts amid gloriously sonorous belches of machismo from the exhaust system. Meanwhile, the E-shifter has unhesitatingly set the engine to what will be the fat part of its torque curve when the 300C exits the impending corner.

While all of this is going on, the Chrysler is also rapidly and precisely burning off velocity in measured response to our practiced modulation of the brake pedal. As the multi-piston calipers gradually, yet determinately bite into the vented rotors, the 300C relinquishes speed just as readily as it attained it—placing us in perfect shape for our entry into the corner. Turning in, the steering system dials up the exact degree of directional change desired. Suffering from no body roll whatsoever, the Chrysler’s 20-inch tires gnaw into the corner with the tenacity of a pit bull going after the throat of a soon to be vanquished opponent.

The apex is approaching now and the stability exhibited by the suspension system is absolutely confidence inspiring as we roll into the throttle pedal to bring the rear end around. With just a smidgen of assistance from the traction control system, we’re pointed exactly where we want to go and the 300 catapults toward the exit in eager anticipation of greedily devouring the straight now lying before it.

The 5.7-liter V8, winding freely and enthusiastically, is singing joyously in a vibrantly rich baritone as the Varvatos 300 earnestly reclaims its previous velocity. Rushing headlong toward the next corner, all of our senses on high alert, we’re thoroughly excited at the prospect of repeating the process all over again—just as we’ve been doing nonstop over the last eleven miles.

That Chrysler’s flagship luxury sedan indulges this sort of driving with so much poise and enthusiasm is deliciously remarkable. As much a sport sedan as a luxury car, the solidly dignified and stylish appearance of the Chrysler 300C (particularly in Varvatos livery) would lead one to believe asking it to hustle along a winding road this way might well be something of an imposition—or at least a rather ponderous proposition—right?

Well folks, looks can most definitely be deceiving.

The supple yet resolute independent suspension system supporting the Chrysler 300 rewards the enthusiastic pilot in much the same fashion as it cossets the luxury-oriented driver. Smooth, competent, quiet, and comfortable on the highway; the 300C is also big fun on twisty back roads. For a number of discerning individuals, power, agility, and stability are considered luxury features—just as much as supple leather, a multi-zone automatic climate control system, remote start, and heated and ventilated power-adjustable seats. (All of which the Varvatos Chrysler offers as standard equipment by the way.)

This is why our long term Luxury Edition Chrysler 300Cis so appealing.

It is a luxury car in every sense of the phrase. You want engaging dynamics? It’s got them. You want plush accoutrements? It’s got those too. You want presence? The kind will make valets stand up straighter and take notice when it glides to a stop in front of any given venue? Yes, well, the Varvatos Chrysler’s got that too.

And here’s the real kicker…

It does it all on regular unleaded gasoline.


On top of everything else, the Detroit native has a blue-collar side too.

Now before you get the impression we’re saying this Chrysler 300 is the “best of all worlds”, please be assured we are well aware that appellation applies to nothing on this earth. However, given our long term 2013 Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Luxury Edition has more than proven itself wholly adept at mastering absolutely everything thrown at it, well, it’s pretty close.

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