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How to Get Tobacco Smoke Smell Out of Seats

Michelle Naranjo
by Michelle Naranjo
July 6, 2007
heater, air conditioner

heater, air conditioner

Unpleasant odors don't have to diminish your driving experience any longer. Getting tobacco smoke smells out of of the fabrics of your vehicle is about neutralizing the toxic deposits rather than masking them. The reason the smell is so persistent is that the smoke tar deposits itself in fabric. Many products are available to clean upholstery but only a few can actually neutralize the deposits left from smoke on porous surfaces. • Non-chemical enzyme sprays are available from health food stores. Often products that will neutralize smoke odors are advertised as pet-smell fighters, but they work with varying degrees of success on other odors. • Wash the interior of the car with a mixture of baking soda and water. • Wash the interior windows with a mixture of vinegar and water. • Leave the windows open when possible and let the fresh air blow through. • Lava Rocks • Vapor Steamer Machine • Cabin Filters • Non-Chemical Remedies • Foggers • Ozone Machine • Detail Shop • Kitty Litter • Charcoal • NilOdor • Odor Ban High-end shops use these units to clean just about any surface. The attraction is that they can clean and deodorize all surfaces extremely well, cut chemical use by about 25 percent and leave surfaces virtually dry and chemical-free. • Vapor systems use high-temperature water vapor and pressure to clean and sanitize virtually any surface. • Hard to clean areas such as cracks, crevices, deep cavities, and air ducts are easily cleaned with minimal effort. • Previously inaccessible places can be easily cleaned and sanitized using a vapor steamer. • Surfaces dry quickly and without residue. • A vapor steamer machine easily penetrates air vents, crevices in engine compartments, under seats, door jams and headliners. • Vapor Steamers completely remove tobacco smoke, film and eliminate bacteria driven odors. Heating and cooling system filters should be replaced. They are often in strange places, such as in the back of the glove box or below the dash. It is recommended to bring your car to a local mechanic shop. Foggers discharge a chemical fog into the air and into every microscopic pore of a vehicles interior killing bacteria and mold spores that causes odors. Foggers also contain specialized products to eliminate other types of odors. Long touted as the best option to permanently removing odors and purifying the air in vehicles, these machines do not require chemicals and run on their own. • Ozone generators are an inexpensive and simple way to remove smoke odors. • Dry cleaners to remove smoke from clothing and soft furnishings • Hotels, restaurants and bars clean up smoke odors with ozone generators. • Neutralizes up to 99% of odor causing bacteria and removes odors caused by pets, smoke and other odor causing bacteria • The vortex cleaning action uses an intense mist to wash incoming air with an emulsified botanical solution. • No bacteria filled wicks or filters are required and the air revitalizer aids in maintaining optimum humidity levels.


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