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Garmin Head-Up Display HUD+: 2014 International CES

Brent Dunn
by Brent Dunn
January 9, 2014
1 min. Reading Time

The Garmin HUD+ is a portable head-up display that comes with a free smart-phone application (available for Apple, Android, and Windows bluetooth enabled phones). It projects navigation information including turn by turn directions, distance and time to destination, speed limits, and current speed onto your windshield or the included reflector. By projecting this information onto the windshield drivers no longer have to repeatedly glance at a phone’s busy screen to see where they are heading.

Why the Garmin HUD+ is important:

With distracted driving laws become prevalent all over the country, this device will allow drivers to keep their concentration where it belongs, on the road, while still being able to get where they want to go. Because many people are using GPS applications on their cell phones and aren’t buying separate GPS devices, manufacturers will need to innovate to stay in the market, and this device will help steer people towards the Garmin brand.


What Autobytel thinks about the Garmin HUD+:

The Garmin HUD+ should be a popular device, combining the coolness of a head-up display with the safety advantages that come with less driver distraction. Even if you don’t regularly use a GPS this device will display your current speed and the speed limit on your windshield, offering some of the features of the built-in head-up displays found in a few of the more expensive automobiles. Garmin also showcased the K2, an upcoming infotainment device that also uses a HUD to reduce distraction. As long as these devices don’t start displaying too much information (having a mess of data on the windshield is sure to be distracting) we think they are a great idea.



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