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Cars that Get the Girl...and Boy

Use your car to get the right person's attention

by Autobytel Staff
September 14, 2007
5 min. Reading Time

Let’s face it: We buy cars to get noticed. Sure, there’s all that hooey about the environment or utility, and that hogwash about getting a good deal. Whatever. But what really matters is how we look behind the wheel, and who notices. Fact is, cool cars get noticed by the opposite sex, so we’ve put together our Cars that Get the Girl…and Boy list of winners. Consider it the most valuable piece of shopping advice you’ll read in the next five minutes. Disagree? Tell us how we’re wrong.

By Daniel Sides Photo Credit: MyRide Staff, Automakers

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Throughout history, men have battled for the attention of women. Be it with the roundest wheel or the fastest chariot, guys need to impress. Now, with companies like Dodge designing cars that reek of testosterone, finding that special “man-mobile” is getting easier and easier, and there are even a few that are sure to get the girl.


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Warning: There is a high likelihood that either you or your prospective lover will think that this is the ugliest car ever made. With its awkward headlights and, let’s just say, unique integrated spoiler, its has been criticized for looking like a demented shark. But, in the event that both of you are eerily attracted to it, and you happen to find yourself in the driver’s seat, you are one lucky man. The car handles exceptionally well, and when equipped with any of its three engines, 2.5, 3.0, M, this Ultimate Driving Machine will move plenty fast. 


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    Believe it or not, the Caddies still get respect. Even with all of GM’s woes over the past few years, the Cadillac brand has reasserted its reputation of building affordable status mobiles. With its sharp lines and prominent front grill, this car exudes class. In addition, the CTS-V will boast more than 550 horsepower to compete with its German rivals. Any girl that you take for a ride in one of those had better be head over heels. If not, you need a make over.


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      Forget about the whole mid-life crisis thing. The ‘Vette is about power, power and more power. The 2008 Chevy Corvette boasts the largest engine ever in a standard ‘Vette, as well as the most horsepower. There is also no question that you’ll own one of the fastest and meanest cars wherever you go. No visual modifications are necessary to make this beast look good, because the five spoke stock rims are beautiful and the curving exterior lines give the coupe an extremely clean appearance. Bear in mind that if it “works,” there is no backseat…


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        For those trying to appeal to the practical woman with a hidden wild side, the Civic Si is for you. It does the impossible; the Civic Si is cheap, fast, and reliable. A sharp spoiler, new wheels, a free revving engine, and a re-tuned suspension are all exclusive to this model. There’s also 197 horsepower at you’re disposal but the majority of this power is at the top of its powerband. So like your girl, it takes constant coddling to keep the Si right at its sweet spot.


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          The Hummer H2 is the biggest, baddest, and downright coolest SUV around. Off-road tires and a lift kit can turn this SUV into an all-American, off-roading, bad ass beast, while 24-in. spinners and splashes of chrome (almost every one of its parts is available in chrome) can create the ideal (sub)urban cruiser. So the type of chick you want to pick up is up to you when it comes to a Hummer, it just depends on how you customize it. I’d suggest getting the girl first, then letting her help you pick out the goodies. Sounds like a good “Let’s go shopping!” compromise, right?


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            One of the few cars that’s on both lists, the Range Rover turns heads no matter where it goes. Every celebrity has at least three of them, and there is a ridiculously large aftermarket available; from grilles to body kits. Hell, you could probably put a Jacuzzi in the back if you wanted to. Naturally, it looks best riding on 22-in. rims with tinted windows, bumping two 12s in the hatch, but these are also extremely offroad capable. So if you’re not the type to do ‘dinner and a movie,’ you’re free to ‘picnic and a hike."


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              Auto manufacturers have finally caught on: Cars are no longer just a “guy thing.” Now there are cars designed to appeal directly to females. Cute, luxurious, monstrous, whatever; there are plenty of cars on the market these days that you’ll definitely want to be seen in, and a few of these that you can even appreciate for their capabilities. It may seem shallow, but it’s a reality that appearance matters when trying to find your man. So get a car to impress, and have him come to you!


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              If you feel that you have a lot to offer, but you don’t want to flaunt it, you should seriously consider the Audi TT. After the date, your date will not only be impressed with you, but with your vehicular taste as well. This car is no longer just cute and snuggly. This roadster is beautiful inside and out, with subtly aggressive lines and extremely high quality interior materials. 


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                If every night you dream of shooting bystanding Abercrombie models stunning looks from behind the wheel of your brand new luxury car, the 3 Series is for you. It’s widely regarded as the benchmark for entry-level luxury sedans, and a base 328i costs around $32,000. Plus the convertible hard top is so cool! That’s a lot of dough, but keep in mind that you get a lot of car for that money.



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