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Caravan of Mercedes-Benz Models Cloaked in Mystery

Michelle Naranjo
by Michelle Naranjo
July 20, 2011
2 min. Reading Time

Spotted early today on the South 405 freeway in Los Angeles County (passing through the City of Long Beach), a slew of Mercedes-Benz were puttering down the road together in their dressing gowns, along with an un-clad Hyundai Equus (the Other S-Class, as we like to call it).

Unfortunately, the cloaked SLK that was bringing up the rear of the pack was the first of the group we spied so the camera (phone) didn't make it out in time before we passed it in traffic. What was amusing was when we agreed that the sexy coupe looked like a Thunderbird, even from the back. Perhaps it was the robe that made its behind look big.

The sedans are a bit more of a mystery however, as one might be S-Class (previous page) while the other (this page), a C or CLS, but those were both refreshed just last year.

The S-Class is also the Sonderklasse, or Special Class and special it is. Its roots are firmly planted in the most classic vintage Mercedes models back to 1954 and the S-name is still the marque of some of the most current classics.

The C-Class, CL and CLS have historically been the most boring of Mercedes, hence why the Editor refers to them as the Consumer-Class (an incorrect and mean statement that should in no way be taken as a personal slight on anyone, especially her many family members who drive them).


The SUV/crossovers appear to be a GLK, a GL and an M - all long overdue for a re-design since the current model M and GLK were introduced in 2008, the GL in 2006.

This is allegedly the new GLK (a favorite of the Editor's). Sharing the same platform, including the engine, as the C-Class Mercedes. Ever wonder what GLK stands for? It is Geländewagen Luxus Kompaktklasse, which translated means SUV luxury compact in German. The more you know …

Last promoted in conjunction with the movie, Sex & the City II, the sassy little wagen-esque crossover still has the boxy shape that reminds us of a Baby G (if they really existed).


The M-Class fits in between the G-Class and the GL-class as a mid-size SUV and is still pretty traditional in the rounded-back way as the the BMW X-5. The M-Class shares the same platform as the E-Class. The original M-Class starred in The Lost World: Jurassic Park on VHS before it even hit showroom floors and the current Popemobile is based on the ML43.


The final enrobed Mercedes in the stealth parade was the full-sized crossover (and SUV) GL-Class. Not based on a car platform similar to its smaller siblings, the GL-Class is based on the classic G-Class. All of the 3-row, 7-seater GLs are built in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; including the few that sell in Europe.  It is a Geländewagen Luxus, for sure.



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