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The latest parts, accessories and car care products for your ride

by Autobytel Staff
May 8, 2008
2 min. Reading Time

We’ve scoured the web looking for the latest accessories and upgrades for your automotive needs. Here you’ll find a frequently updated, quick look at new items ranging from car care products for the commuter looking to eek every last mile out of his daily driver to products for the enthusiast seeking out ground shaking performance out of his track car. Feel like you’re getting lost already? Not to worry, we’ll be bringing you the latest in GPS equipment as it hits the market as well. Something for everyone is the goal, so have your book marking finger at the ready.  

By Vernon Heywood Photo Credit: OEMs

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Covercraft Industries’ DUSTOP material is composed of four layers of synthetic materials protecting your cars finish from dust, while reducing the risk of dents and dings when parked indoors. A soft inner layer is gentle on paint and chrome while the outer layers provide the protection duties. DUSTOP “breathes,” allowing moisture and heat to escape while locking out dust. Covercraft has over 75,000 patterns and if one of them doesn’t match your car, they can handle custom orders as well. 


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Then American Racing’s new Predator Wheel might be right for you, As part of the ATX Collection of off-road wheels, the Predator takes on design cues most truck and SUV owners will love. From the deep dish bowl center to the simulated bead lock treatment on the outer edge, this is a wheel that begs to hit the dirt. 


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You remember it – that special aromatic mixture of virgin vinyl, leather and plastic yet to be contaminated by human hand -- or worse. Slowly, it slips away, replaced by the smell of damp feet, misplaced banana peels, take out food refuse, and old tennis shoes. Like Aunt Marge’s 20-year old, cat-hair covered sofa, your interior will never again smell like new. But thanks to Expel, an odor neutralizer from Orison Marketing it doesn’t have to smell bad either. Spray Expel on the seats, floor mats, headliner, dash, carpeting and into the ventilation system and odors disappear.


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    Add more horses to your ’05-’06 Blue Oval pony car with a Magnuson Supercharger. Wanted the super performance but couldn’t afford the super price of a GT500 or SVT Mustang when it was new? You can get it now at a fraction of the cost. The Magna Charger is a roots/hybrid supercharger that produces 4psi of boost at 1500 rpm peaking at 7.5psi and adds 120 horsepower changing your ‘Stang from peppy pony to fire-breathing stallion. Everything you need is included in the kit except the Mustang.


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    Summer heat is just around the corner and if your car’s temperature gauge likes to inch up in warm weather you might want to try Justice Brothers Super Radiator Cooler. High performance engines tend to run warm, especially if you’re stuck in traffic. As the mercury soars in July and August a little edge in the radiator can mean the difference between blowing off the heat, or pulling over to the side of the road to let your car blow off a little steam. JB’s Super Radiator Cooler also provides added protection against internal corrosion in conjunction with your antifreeze. Just add one quart to every 20-quarts of water/coolant mixture.



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