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Autobytel Fast5: Week of May 5

Choosy Moms choose Autobytel for Mother’s Day advice about all things automotive…

by Autobytel Staff
May 2, 2008
2 min. Reading Time

Forget about DUIs for a moment, unless of course you live in Wisconsin. The real danger for young drivers these days is TWD (Texting While Driving). According to a recent study by AAA, 46 percent of teenagers text while driving.

Yeah. Your kids really are that, uh, smart.

Please, help educate your children properly and keep the phone in your pocket while YOU drive. And if you find out they're texting, why, beat 'em with a…I mean take the keys away.

Photo credit: Ron Perry

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Just in time for Mother's Day – and exactly what you wanted - comes Grand Theft Auto IV, the game politicians love to hate and the one your kids are playing at their friend's house - you know, the one with the parents you hate. If you want to keep your dear child from the mayhem, well, that's not really our problem. But here's a helpful article in case junior wants to buy the game and tells you it's about cars. Hint: it's not about the cars, unless you think driving into people is about cars...

Photo credit: Rockstar Inc.


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First of all, Big Brother will be able to track you down when you finally go ahead and pull that Thelma and Louise stunt you've been dreaming about for 15 years. Second, it's a waste of money: buy a portable navigation unit – they're often better and can be switched from car to car. Most of all, it makes absolutely no sense to add more than a thousand dollars to your car purchase when you can buy a TomTom or Garmin at a fraction of the cost. 

Photo credit: Oliver Bentley


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If $4 is rough, just wait until $7 per gallon of gas hits. And here's the trouble: there's a better chance of that happening, than, say, you getting a diamond and a deep tissue massage for Mom's Day. Let's see…if your Expedition takes 28 gallons of gas…at $7 per…why, that's a tuition payment! It's your choice: tell your kids they better start studying the custodial arts because Mommy likes her SUV, or trade your Expedition for a more efficient vehicle, like, say, a wagon. Rumor has it they drive like cars and hold a ton of gear.

Photo credit: GM


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Recently, Danica Patrick became the first woman to win an IndyCar race, and Ashley Force achieved the same feat in Funny Car racing. There's a reason: programs like Project Podium help train young female race car drivers and prepare them for professional careers. Right now, there are 18 new applicants to follow in Patrick's footsteps, with the winners to be announced in May. Project Podium is a part of the Women in the Winner's Circle Foundation, which was started by former Indy 500 driver Lyn St. James. 

Photo credit: Honda



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