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That Ain't Right: The Dark Side of SEMA

That Ain't Right: The Dark Side of SEMA

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Rolling on 50s. Calibers. 50 Calibers.

What kind of person puts this wheel on their car? No really, we want to know who they are and what they look like so we never accidentally cut them off on the highway. What do routine traffic stops look like for the owner of these rims? Do cops even bother asking for license and registration or do they just assume they should start firing into your window? I’ll tell you who puts this wheel on their car: arms dealers, assassins, and criminal masterminds, also known as characters Nicolas Cage plays in movies.

Photo Credit: MyRide Staff

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Just call it The Nuge

With a hunting stand, binoculars, a "BIG GAME" license plate, and 32,000,000 candlepower auxiliary lights up front for blinding your prey before shooting it, this vehicle is a straight up killing machine. We hear it comes equipped with a train horn for drowning out PETA protests too. And what’s the deal with the cat print on the side? Camouflage? I can see it now: Cheetah One, “Hey, is that a sniper in a Ford F-350 hunting truck?” Cheetah Two, “No you idiot, that’s Bill. He ate some rotten Zebra meat and is looking a little green these days.” Cheeta One, “OK, because I swore I heard Wango Tango playing and you know what happened last time we heard Ted Nugent come on.”

Photo Credit: MyRide Staff

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We’d rather get terrible gas mileage

Yes I know we included this vehicle in our green cars of SEMA gallery, but that doesn’t give it a free pass from appearing in our That Ain’t Right gallery too. When you put these doors on anything else, they are called Lambo-doors. When you put them on the Prius I’m pretty sure they become fairy wings. And speaking of, unless they let the vehicle soar through the air, this vehicle doesn’t fly with us. On a side note, I believe two out of the five vehicles in this gallery are now George Barris creations, making us his new #1 fan.

Photo Credit: MyRide Staff

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Photo Credit: MyRide Staff