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9 Best Online Comments to a 23-Year-Old Buying a Nissan GT-R

Annie Kang
by Annie Kang
January 14, 2015
3 min. Reading Time
nissan gt-r

nissan gt-r

When you purchase a new car and that car happens to be a Nissan GT-R, you've also purchased some sweet bragging rights – especially when you're 23. Which is why one lucky guy was compelled to share about his newly acquired GT-R with the folks of Reddit:

The responses were a mixed bag – inquisitiveness, jealousy, and admiration. For the most part though, the post served to inspire. 

As Redditor ekajee2 puts it:

For your own "feels trip," see some of the best comments elicited by the post, and what it took for OP to obtain his dream car at such an early age. 

2) Seriously, one pic?

The people of Reddit were in agreement over one thing: more photos.

Here's another good clean shot of the GT-R. 


3) What do you do for a living?

The number one question Redditors seemed to have was what does OP do for a living, and how he is able to afford a GT-R at such an early age? OP was kind enough to answer. 


4) How much does insurance run you?

The second most frequently asked question: How much is OP paying for insurance? 

Editor's note: The GT-R Track Edition ranked number one in our list of 10 Most Expensive Cars to Insure.


5) How much did this set you back?

And of course, everyone had to know how much OP paid for the GT-R, which some Redditors considered to be a surprisingly low amount. 

See where, and for how much, you can find your own GT-R with our used car finder.


6) I hate you, but in a good way

With a GT-R, you'll naturally elicit some envy. But mostly good-natured jealousy was found throughout the thread. 


7) Props on shameless gloating

When you have a new GT-R, you just have to let the world know.


8) Congrats; now here's mine!

A fellow dream car owner shared his newly acquired GT-R as well.


9) Gallo 12 or a Gallo 24?

What better way to end this tribute to the Nissan GT-R than with a nod to the movie that brought the supercar to the big screen. 

And in case you didn't watch 2 Fast 2 Furious, it's a trick question: Gallo is the name of a pizza place in the movie, not an engine. The dialogue goes something like this:



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