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28 Cool Things You'll Find at the Toyota Museum

Annie Kang
by Annie Kang
February 26, 2015
4 min. Reading Time
Toyota Museum Torrance Race Car Room

Toyota Museum Torrance Race Car Room

Opened in January 2000, the Toyota Museum in Torrance, CA houses a collection of milestone vehicles representing Toyota's history in the U.S. It is valued at over $17 million, and includes vehicles dating from 1958 to 2013, as well as a considerable assortment of motorsports vehicles. 

The museum is open to the public, with reservations required. To schedule an appointment, contact Susan Sanborn at 310-468-8726 or email susan_sanborn@toyota.com.

1936 'Classic' Model AA

The Toyota Classic 1936 is a replica of the Model AA originally introduced to the public in 1936 as Toyota's first passenger car.

  • 4-cylinder OHV
  • 97 hp @ 4,800 rpm 

1958 Toyopet Crown

The Toyopet Crown was the first passenger car sold by Toyota in the U.S. It was also the first Japanese automobile to be exported to the American mainland. 

  • 4-cylinder 4-cycle OHV
  • 60 hp @ 4,400 rpm
  • Retail price: $2,300
  • 1958 sales totaled 287

1961 FJ25 Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser, introduced in 1958, was one of the first models sold by Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. It was first tested in 1951, climbing the sixth station of Mt. Fuji – the first motor vehicle to accomplish this drive. 

  • 6-cylinder OHV 
  • 135 hp
  • Retail price: $3,050
  • 1961 sales totaled 249

1966 Corona

The first-generation Corona was the first high-volume vehicle sold by Toyota Motor Sales, and featured the most potent power package in its field. It was Toyota's first passenger car designed for the American driver and roads, and was an immediate success.

  • 4-cylinder in-line OHV
  • 90 hp
  • Retail price: $1,760
  • 1966 sales totaled 14,764 
 Photo by Toyota

Photo by Toyota

1967 2000GT

The Toyota 2000GT appeared as a prototype at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show and was introduced as a production model in 1967. Toyota hired British model/actress Twiggy to stand alongside the car on stage at the 14th Tokyo Motor Show in October 1967. Twiggy went on to own #10130, and the car appeared in the British TV sitcom Ugliest Girl in Town.

  • 6-cyl DOHC
  • 150 hp @ 6,600 rpm
  • Retail price: $7,230
  • 337 were produced; 54 were imported to North America
 Photo by TJ Keon

Photo by TJ Keon

1967 2000GT

The 2000GT appeared in the 1967 James Bond movie You Only Live Twice. Bond actor Daniel Craig named the 2000GT as his favorite Bond car.


1967 Stout 1900

Toyota's first attempt at the pickup industry, the Stout was marketed as a tough work truck that could handle like a passenger car. 

  • 4 cyl. in-line OHV
  • 85 hp @ 4600 rpm
  • Retail price: $1,760

1969 2000GT

Many consider the 2000GT as the first highly collectible Japanese car. Some have sold at auction for as much as $1.2 million.


1969 Corolla

This was the second year of the first-generation Corolla. In 1970, the Corolla became the most popular import in the U.S. and would become the world's all-time best-selling passenger car with more than 30 million units sold in 142 countries. 

  • 4-cyliner 4-cycle OHV
  • 60 hp
  • Retail price: $1,700
  • 1969 sales totaled 27,443 

1971 Celica ST

The first "sporty" car in Toyota's linuep to be sold in America. 

  • 4-cylinder in-line SOHC. 
  • 108 hp @ 5500 rpm
  • Retail price: $2,598
  • 1971 sales totaled 17,572


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