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15 Ways Honda’s Minivan Features can Simplify a Parent’s Life

Joni Gray
by Joni Gray
February 25, 2015
3 min. Reading Time
2015 Honda Odyssey purse hanger ・  Photo by TJ Keon

2015 Honda Odyssey purse hanger ・ Photo by TJ Keon

For some, minivans carry a notably unsexy stigma and are avoided at all cost; for others, they are the most useful automobiles on the planet and a home-on-wheels for the entire family. We're taking the latter attitude while we take a closer look at the useful touches engineered inside the best-selling minivan in America, the Honda Odyssey. For our tour, we've selected the 2015 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite as our example - a trim that's fully stocked with useful features. 

Conversation Mirror with Sunglass Holder

What's going on back there? Just a glance up at the Conversation Mirror with Sunglasses Holder, strategically placed just above the rear-view mirror, will put you in touch with the sleeping baby, rambunctious passengers or your favorite double-daters traveling in the two rows behind you. 


Flat Floor Space Between Front Seats

Just because you're a minivan owner, doesn't mean you don't do the occasional "one-bag" errand from time to time. This conveniently placed floor area between the driver and passenger seats provides the perfect space to place a small item like a grocery bag or a big bucket purse in a semi-secured area. Many minivans do not provide this space, so it's a nice advantage for Odyssey owners. 


Flip-up Trash-Bag Ring

Honda's clever trash bag ring tucks under the removable center console (yes, it's removable!) for handy trash bag while traveling or just teaching the young riders in back how to "clean as they go."

This is the before photo... 


Flip-Up Trash Bag Ring (with bag)

...this is after. 


Built-in Vacuum Cleaner - HondaVAC

The now famous HondaVAC was born when a Honda engineer, lamenting about a mess his children were making in the van, heard the idea from his 10-year-old daughter. She thought it would be a great idea to make a built-in vacuum cleaner and we agree. 


HondaVAC Sucks!

The HondaVAC can handle messes big and small. Here, we put it to the Cheerios test and it performed like a champ. 


HondaVAC - Filter and Bags

Honda parts departments across the country had to stock up on vacuum bags for the HondaVAC. You can also find them online on the Shop-Vac website. They're just like regular vacuum bags, only tiny. 


Cool Box

Located just under the center dash console, the Cool Box is available for those longer trips where you want a cold beverage to stay cold for a long period of time. Our test proved that this system works like a charm as long as the button is pushed. It even works when the heater is on, so even trips to the snow will keep your drinks chilly. Sadly, it does not work when the car is turned off, but hey, you can't have it all, right? 


155-Volt (regular plug) Power Outlet

It doesn't work for many things like hair dryers and curling irons, but to blow up an air matress, charge a phone or iPad, plug in an alarm clock, etc., it's a handy outlet as long as the car is running. 


Back of the Van Air-Conditioning vents

Dogs and third-row dwellers will very much appreciate the third-row air conditioning vents provided in the rear quarters of this luxury liner. 



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