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10 Best Features of the 2024 Lexus GX

Nicole Wakelin
by Nicole Wakelin
February 1, 2024
2024 Lexus GX Luxury+ ・  Photo by Lexus

2024 Lexus GX Luxury+ ・ Photo by Lexus

The 2024 Lexus GX is all-new this year with three-rows of seating in an SUV that combines all the luxury and refinement of a Lexus with room for the family and all their cargo. This is also a capable vehicle that can take you off road with the features you need to tackle more challenging terrain.

There’s a wide range of trims from which to choose, along with a powerful twin turbocharged engine that lets you effortlessly merge into highway traffic. Inside, the interior is spacious and plush with available second-row captain’s chairs for added comfort. Here are the 10 best features of the all-new 2024 Lexus GX.

Six Available Trims

The Lexus GX is available in a range of six well-equipped trim levels. The base Premium starts at $64,250 while the Premium+ comes in at $69,250 and adds heated second-row outboard seats and available second-row captain’s chairs. The Luxury at $77,250 adds a 10-way power driver’s seat and semi-aniline leather seating surfaces with the Luxury+ adding a 21-speaker Mark Levinson premium surround sound system and digital rearview mirror for $81,250.

The Overtrail trim comes in at $69,250 with only two rows and seating for five people along with improved off-road capability. This includes an electronically controlled locking rear differential. Lastly is the Overtrail+ trim at $77,250 which adds the convenience features found on the Luxury+ trim.

2024 Lexus GX Overtrail+ ・  Photo by Lexus

2024 Lexus GX Overtrail+ ・ Photo by Lexus

Impressive Cargo Toom and Tow Rating

This is a large, three-row SUV with plenty of room for cargo. There’s 10.3 cubic feet behind the third row, 40.2 cubic feet behind the second row, and 76.9 cubic feet behind the first row. The Overtrail trims, which have only two rows of seating, offer 90.5 cubic feet behind the first row. That’s plenty of room for hauling everything from luggage for a week’s vacation to supplies for an off-road adventure.

If your cargo needs are greater, then the Lexus GX has you covered with the capability to tow larger items or extra cargo. A maximum tow rating of 9,096 pounds ensures you can take along a full crew of people and all their stuff.

2024 Lexus GX Luxury+ ・  Photo by Lexus

2024 Lexus GX Luxury+ ・ Photo by Lexus

Powerful V6 Engine

The Lexus GX is a large vehicle, so it needs plenty of power to get moving. The full lineup has a responsive 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6 that delivers that power. It provides 349 horsepower with 479 lb-ft of torque that quickly and quietly gets the GX up to speed for highway driving.

If you need an extra burst of power for passing slower vehicles, the GX is up to the task so managing heavy highway traffic isn’t a challenge. Since Lexus is a luxury brand, all that power is delivered smoothly and quietly with a well-mannered 10-speed automatic transmission. The GX is powerful and rugged, but never forgets that it’s a luxury car that needs to deliver a premium experience for passengers.

2024 Lexus GX Luxury+ ・  Photo by Lexus

2024 Lexus GX Luxury+ ・ Photo by Lexus

Off-Road Capability

While there are plenty of SUVs that can manage off-road driving, just how much they can handle varies from one vehicle to the next. The Lexus GX delivers true off-road capability that lets you take this luxury SUV far off the beaten path. There’s 8.66 inches of ground clearance along with approach and departure angles that make challenging terrain easier to manage.

Four-wheel drive is standard across the lineup as well as a locking center differential that splits the power 50/50 to provide better traction. Those who want the most off-road capability can look to the Overtrail trims, which add an electronically controlled locking rear differential.

2024 Lexus GX Overtrail+ ・  Photo by Lexus

2024 Lexus GX Overtrail+ ・ Photo by Lexus

New Overtrail Trims

The Lexus GX marks the debut of the Overtrail and Overtrail+ trims. These new trims are designed for those who put a priority on off-road capability. Both have a standard electronically controlled locking rear differential that activates at the touch of a switch on the center console. This evenly splits power between the left and right wheels and can direct power to the wheel with traction in select circumstances.

They also feature a standard electronic kinetic dynamic suspension system that helps balance the ride whether on road or off road. It also locks and unlocks the stabilizer bars and does so independently as needed depending on the drive mode.

2024 Lexus GX Overtrail+ ・  Photo by Lexus

2024 Lexus GX Overtrail+ ・ Photo by Lexus

Multiple Drive Modes

A variety of drive modes are offered on the Lexus GX to tailor vehicle systems to current driving conditions, whether that’s on the pavement or in the dirt. Depending on whether the vehicle is in four-high or four-low, available drive modes change. When four-low is engaged, those drive modes include auto, sand, mud, and rock, which make driving through rugged terrain more manageable.

If four-high is engaged, then the drive modes change to auto, dirt, sand, mud, and deep snow. These modes are more suited to conditions encountered at higher speeds rather than when driving slowly off-road. Whether you’re trying to manage a snowstorm while driving on the highway or hitting the trails for weekend fun, the Lexus GX has a drive mode that’s just right.

2024 Lexus GX Luxury+ ・  Photo by Lexus

2024 Lexus GX Luxury+ ・ Photo by Lexus

Large Standard Infotainment Screen

The Lexus GX has a standard 14-inch infotainment touchscreen that makes viewing the screen easier, especially when following more complicated navigation routes. Graphics are crisp and clear with an anti-reflective coating that prevents glare from making the screen unreadable in bright sun.

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard with the ability to connect up to five Bluetooth devices with up to two active at the same time. The Lexus Interface system is easy to use with logically organized menus as well as voice control that recognizes natural language commands. It’s a comprehensive system that’s easy to learn so even passengers unfamiliar with how it works will quickly figure it out.

2024 Lexus GX Luxury+ ・  Photo by Lexus

2024 Lexus GX Luxury+ ・ Photo by Lexus

Lexus Safety System+ 3.0

Standard across the Lexus GX lineup is Lexus Safety System+ 3.0 with numerous advanced safety features. It includes pre-collision with pedestrian and cyclist detection, risk avoidance steer assist, and left turn oncoming vehicle detection with braking. There’s also all-speed dynamic radar cruise control, lane tracing assist, lane departure alert with steering assist, road sign assist, proactive driving assist, and emergency driving stop system.

Additional safety features include intuitive parking assist with auto braking and rear pedestrian detection, blind spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert, and a panoramic view monitor with multi-terrain monitor. The long list of safety features available on the Lexus GX helps keep you and your loved ones safe.

2024 Lexus GX Premium+ ・  Photo by Lexus

2024 Lexus GX Premium+ ・ Photo by Lexus

Available Second-Row Captain’s Chairs

Most three-row versions of the Lexus GX offer a choice of either a three-passenger bench seat or captain’s chairs that take seating down to two. While the bench seat lets you fit more people in your GX, the captain’s chairs are a great option for those who don’t need that extra seat.

The captain’s chairs are far more comfortable than the bench seat with better support. They keep a handy separation between the kids to avoid being in each other’s space and make the ride much nicer for adults. They even make getting to the third row easier by allowing passengers to sneak down the middle.

2024 Lexus GX Luxury+ ・  Photo by Lexus

2024 Lexus GX Luxury+ ・ Photo by Lexus

Refined Interior

Despite the ability to easily go off-road, the Lexus GX is still a luxury SUV with a comfortable and well-appointed interior. Standard features include heated and ventilated front seats with heated second-row outboard seats on all but the base trim. There are also NuLuxe seating surfaces, a leather-trimmed steering wheel, ambient lighting, and a 10-speaker premium audio system.

Top trims add features that take the luxury even higher with front massaging seats, a heated steering wheel, semi-aniline leather seating surfaces, heated captain’s chairs, a 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat, and a 21-speaker Mark Levinson premium surround sound system. No matter the trim, the Lexus GX delivers a luxury experience for passengers.

2024 Lexus GX Overtrail+ ・  Photo by Lexus

2024 Lexus GX Overtrail+ ・ Photo by Lexus


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