The first Japanese manufacturer to offer a new car in the United States, Toyota Motor Corporation is one of world’s three largest auto builders. With their reputation for value, durability, and reliability, Toyota’s cars are among the best selling in the world. In fact, the company’s Camry model routinely sells some 400,000 units annually—in the United States alone.

In 1965, the Toyota Corona, designed specifically for the American market, became the breakthrough Toyota automobile for the United States. With a 90-horsepower engine, air conditioning, and an automatic transmission—in addition to great fuel economy and attractive styling, the Corona struck a chord with American car buyers.

The smaller Corolla followed the Corona. When the energy crisis of the 1970’s struck, Toyota was perfectly positioned to benefit from consumers’ desire for more fuel-efficient vehicles. The company prospered considerably during those years. Then, when these new customers saw how reliable their new Toyotas were on top of everything else, they became repeat customers.

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