2015 Toyota FCV Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle at the LA Entertainment Summit

Toyota has invested more than a decade of time and tons of research in alternative fuels, more than most other mainstream auto manufacturers. Now, the production version of Toyota’s new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle is nearly ready to hit the streets, with scheduled availability in California in the summer of 2015. Jana Hartline from Toyota Motor Sales gave Autobytel an overview of the new 2015 Toyota FCV at the LA Entertainment Summit. The 2015 Toyota FCV Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle began life as a run-of-the-mill Toyota RAV4 SUV. The development of that modified RAV4 evolved into the first fully functional, factory ready car to be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. A fuel cell vehicle is a fully electric vehicle that makes its own electricity on board. Like a hybrid or EV, a fuel cell vehicle is equipped with a small battery pack to help keep the power flowing smoothly. Its main source of power, though, is a fuel cell stack that gets filled up at a hydrogen filling station and then, when the car’s running, converts the hydrogen to electricity. Nothing but water is left over, and the FCV can go more than 300 miles on a tank. Toyota is investing in ways to make hydrogen more available and sustainable, and the FCV can even put electricity back into the owner’s home like an emergency generator.