2014 Toyota Corolla LE ECO Test Drive Video Review

Celebrating its 46th contiuous year on the market in the United States, if the Toyota Corolla were a human being it would be comfortably settling into middle age. But it’s not a person, it’s a car, and so this 2014 version of the Toyota Corolla is also the most youthful iteration of the car offered to date. It is also larger, more comfortable, and presents a great deal more style in terms of its appearance. Not that this seems to matter tremendously to Toyota buyers. This company has proven time and  time again one needn’t really offer a good-looking car to sell hundreds of thousands each year. Another improvement in the 2014 Corolla is in the area of fuel economy. This is most evident in our test car, the Corolla LE Eco version of Toyota’s compact sedan. Powered by a 140-horsepower version of Toyota’s 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder engine, tweaked specifically to deliver improved fuel economy, the 2014 Toyota Corolla LE Eco is said to be good for a combined fuel economy rating of 35 miles per gallon. A continuously variable transmission featuring paddle shifters behind the steering wheel routes power to the front wheels.