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The dream of cruising around in a sexy sports car just won’t die, but you haven’t managed to make the numbers work in your favor. Sound familiar? Even if budget woes are keeping you down, don’t give up just yet. There are ways to slide into a high end bucket seat, as long as you can cope with the idea that someone else got there first. Looking at used sports cars might not be your first choice, but some careful research can yield a really good deal. And soon, after just a few spirited drives, your new-to-you sports car will feel like yours, and yours alone. You can start by finding out how lots of other people have gotten a good deal on a used sports car. Check out the list of the top 10 used sports cars to learn about the most popular sporty models on the used market.            

Why is it helpful to focus on the top used sports cars? It’s true, for buyers who have dreamed about a specific model of sports car, this list might be a little less useful than for buyers who have no idea where to start. (And it’s totally understandable when the same car is always the star of your daydreams.) But shopping for used cars is a tricky process, and since sports cars tend to be driven hard, it’s best to keep an open mind. Reading up on the top ten used sports cars will, at the very least, give an overview of popular used sports car models. It’s worth considering why the models on the list are there; for various reasons, they’ve satisfied lots of other buyers. Whether you’re a determined buyer or just browsing, the list of the top 10 used sport cars will help you start in the right direction.