Navigating the market of used cars is a tricky task, and shopping for one of the top 10 used passenger cars is an endeavor that presents particular challenges. Buying someone else’s used sedan means finding the best value among a sea of cars that tend to see a lot of hard use, just because the passenger car target demographic generally spends a lot of time driving people around. There are a lot of options out there, but potential buyers can save some time and headache by narrowing the playing field. One such strategy is to review and research the top 10 used sedans. Although it means these cars might be in higher demand, appearing on the list of the top 10 used 4 door cars means that lots of other buyers have done the research and the fieldwork, and determined that the car, even in used condition, is a good value. So if buying a used sedan seems overwhelming because there are simply too many possibilities, consider focusing on this list.

Keep in mind, though, that there’s no real benchmark for a used car. Common sense comes into play. There are the used car price guides, which tell a buyer, roughly, what to expect to pay, based on a range of conditions. There are other factors, too, so the guides can’t be relied on as the final word. Judging a used car’s condition is very subjective and it’s common for the buyer and seller to disagree.  In the case of the top used sedans, a seller has to evaluate the wear and tear, which might have been the result of years of family use. Shopping for one of the top used sedans might not be as stressful as shopping for another type of vehicle, like the top used sport cars, but buying a used passenger car takes careful consideration.