The problem with getting into sports cars, perhaps more so than other types of vehicles, is that once that competitive mindset’s firmly entrenched, it can be hard to drive anything but the newest and best. Some people have the means to upgrade every year, but others know their investment’s going to have to last a while. And plenty of people, of course, keep dreaming from the sidelines. Whatever the case may be, the sports car market is an especially competitive one, and a spot on the list of top 10 sports cars is hard fought and well earned.

The top sports cars rankings are good for generating controversy because it’s difficult to determine the overall best, and when it comes to investing a significant sum of money (even hypothetically) opinions tend to differ. At what point does horsepower outrank looks? How does sticker price come into play? Should rarity or exclusivity even be considered? But unless you’re the one buying, it doesn’t really matter until it comes time to make that tough decision. All of the top ten sports cars are so solid and well rounded that it can be an exercise in futility trying to figure it out. If statistics and numbers are your thing, those are readily available for judgment, analysis and debate. But so much of a sports car’s specialness is based on the experience. A list of the top 10 sport cars definitely tells most of the story, and it’s great fodder for research and discussion. It’s also fun. Who doesn’t daydream every now and then? But if you find yourself disagreeing with any of the rankings on the list, based on anything from brand to styling to horsepower stats, there’s only one thing to do. Find a way to get out and drive a couple of them.