Auto manufacturers are always trying to make their luxury cars the most luxurious of all. Each new model year brings new entries to the market, and there are usually a few new noteworthy advances in features or technology. Every new model release brings yet another element to the competition, and although the entire class is  packed full of top notch automotive options, the stakes are highest amongst the top 10 luxury cars.

The list of top ten luxury cars pretty much defines the concept of aspirational cars, the type of car that some people spend a lifetime hoping or planning to get when that lucky someday comes along. It might seem like a vague concept for some, just because the possibility is so farfetched, but the upside is that the cars are indeed quite real. The top luxury vehicles are powerful, attention getting, fun to drive and comfortable to ride in. And they also happen to be quite expensive, out of reach for the average car shopper. Many of the top luxury vehicles are not traditionally exclusive, in terms of limited availability based on production numbers, location, or some other factor. But they are hard to get, because they’re hard to pay for. And that’s a major factor of the appeal of this class of vehicles.

Even if you see these cars around, it might be a challenge to snag the keys and personally test out the goods. And without first hand experience, it’s hard to really get a sense of the top luxury cars. The list provides the essential stats, such as the key numbers and the best and newest features. An experienced luxury car shopper probably already has finely tuned personal preferences. When fortunes change and your time comes, check out this list of the top 10 luxury cars for guidance and then start driving.