Crossovers have come a long way since they first landed on the automotive market. That could probably be said of any class of vehicle, but crossovers are a relatively recent innovation. It’s not hard to remember back to when crossovers first hit dealership lots and started to gain some attention, because a lot of people didn’t really know what they were, what they could do, or what void in the automotive landscape they were expected to fill. Now, the list of the best new crossovers represents the most comprehensive of the market, and helps to show how far the crossover segment has improved and evolved since it first hit the streets.

As previously mentioned, when crossovers launched, they faced a particular set of challenges. Wary consumers had to be convinced that these new crossovers were truly a segment of their own that could provide a unique set of benefits. The crossover class has since gone through several model life cycles, with updates, refreshes, and totally new models phased in as the older ones were slowly brought out. The top 10 crossovers you see here are likely to provide a solid representation of the features and designs that have stood the test of time and proved their worth, now considered valuable enough to remain key features on new models and upgrades. At the same time, the automotive industry evolves quickly to capitalize on new opportunities and consumers’ latest feedback, so the top crossover SUVs that are new to market will reflect the latest technological advances and safety features. Safety, especially, is a huge selling point when it comes to marketing family oriented vehicles, and moving around a family is what the top crossover vehicles are designed to do best. The top crossovers represent the best of how the crossover segment has defined itself.