When it's time to shop for a new convertible, the potential directions seem endless. As long as the top can go down, the primary purpose has been fulfilled, right? So a potential buyer could, in theory, just choose any one of the top 10 convertibles on the market and head to the nearest beach.

Well, close, but not quite. All of the top ten convertibles are good options for a satisfying topless drive, but there might be a lot of variation on the list. While all convertibles have an obvious feature in common, the reclining top, auto manufacturers also have to satisfy other objectives and make sure that their convertible models fill other needs within their product lineups. Some convertibles were designed specifically for that retractable roof; others are simply an open-top variation of an existing model. Some convertibles are mid-priced compact or midsize cars, while others are designed to satisfy the more expensive end of the market by taking the form of a high powered sports car or larger luxury car. That means that shopping for a new convertible involves a little extra work. Potential buyers need to determine what type of vehicle they need, even after they've already decided on a convertible. Otherwise, going to dealer lots to look for new convertibles can be an overwhelming trip and a lot of legwork, and can even be frustrating if there are no guidelines set out beforehand. That's why it can be useful to read up on the new top 10 convertible cars before going out, to get an idea of what's available.

If you're in the market for one of the top ten convertible cars, don't let all the options and decisions overwhelm you. Shoppers can buy a high horsepower convertible or a convertible on a budget. The new convertible models cover all ground.