Trucks are one of those types of vehicles that, when it comes time to shop, it’s best to be prepared to spend a lot. Sure, bargain trucks can be found, but the market is skewed pretty heavily toward the pricier end of the spectrum. Of course, people who have a lot of experience with pickups and work trucks won’t be surprised. All that capability costs money to design, engineer, and implement. And that understandably translates into higher sticker prices. So, potential buyers who are looking for the best pickup trucks know they’re probably, not coincidentally, among the highest priced. Check out the list of the top 10 most expensive trucks to see the best of the market. Whether you’re interested in the most plush or the most powerful, the most expensive pickups list will probably have plenty of both.

Hitting dealership lots to shop for new trucks means a few decisions need to be made. The most expensive pickup trucks usually feature a good balance of power, aesthetics, and other features. Because the entire point of a pickup truck, at least in theory, is to carry cargo and tow heavy trailers, don’t be surprised if many of these high priced trucks favor substance over style. It’s no easy task to be a workhorse, and the cost of that power explains how many of the most expensive trucks ended up on the list. However, the look of a big truck appeals to certain demographics, and there are buyers who are willing to splurge on a high priced pickup that cruises better than it performs work.  The benefit of spending big for a stylish expensive pickup truck, one that wasn’t designed primarily for function, is that even as a high priced truck celebrates largesse, it does so with a swagger unattainable to its lower priced counterparts.