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Driving a sports car is fun, even a sports car on the lower end of the spectrum. But to get all the benefits of driving a sports car, like the power and the prestige, it’s best to have a budget that can fulfill the expectations. When it’s time to go shopping for a new sports car, it’ll become apparent that some models focus more on style, while others are destined to become the most powerful. Of course, whatever the designer’s focus happens to be, sports cars can go fast. And with so many models on the market, buyers are likely to be able to find the perfect balance of aesthetics and engineering. As this compilation of the top 10 most expensive sports cars will demonstrate, the highest priced sports cars on the market justify their prices (at least to their buyers) because they have the most lust worthy combinations of features and power.

Reading about the most extravagant of high priced sports cars might be research for a true potential buyer, but for others, it’s entertainment. High priced sports cars have a way of feeling like they’ll always be out of reach, and it’s not simply because they move so fast. It’s because even though the market changes considerably with the release of each new model year, the icons remain recognizable, perpetually stirring up the desire for a thrilling ride. For a lucky population of drivers, they’re a reality, but for the rest they remain a fantasy. These high priced 4 door cars aren’t within everyone’s means and aren’t likely to make an appearance in the average driveway, but that’s part of what makes them so endearing. And another reason to study up? The designs, features and engines that make these expensive sports cars so important also help shape trends for the rest of the automotive market.