It’s totally normal and expected for consumers to shop for just about anything based on the item’s price. We all have our ideas about how much we’d be willing to pay for any given product or service available for purchase. But it’s far more common to seek out a lower priced model, rather than the highest priced. Luxury goods might be an exception to the rule, as the top 10 most expensive luxury cars list demonstrates, but even in such extreme cases, buyers expect a lot for their money.

Shopping for high priced luxury cars definitely isn’t for the frugal or the faint of heart. Sticker shock is a possible risk factor, and so is a change in perspective. Unless you’ve owned something really, really nice before, it just might alter how you define the word “nice.” The standards required to achieve a spot on the list of the most expensive luxury cars are fluid and variable, but they’re still stringent. Obviously, it’s not just about the price, because the auto manufacturers have to justify listing their cars at such a high price. So, while the price is the benchmark for this list, the cars’ designers have already considered the other factors of the highest priced luxury cars.

High priced luxury cars are more comfortable, yet also more sophisticated, than the living room in a modest home. The cabins are generally quite spacious, furnished with high end fabrics, metals and woods that are pleasant to look at and to touch. These luxury vehicles most likely have better tech equipment than the average home stereo, too, designed to cause the driver the lease possible amount of distraction or frustration. And of course, the highest price luxury cars look the part and will stand out from a crowd. The attention you’ll get is an intangible way to get your money’s worth, but feels really good anyway.