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If you’re already in the frame of mind to go out and buy an expensive car, and you’ve got the means to back it up, it might be hard to make a decision about what kind of vehicle you really want. At high price ranges, there are so many options available that it’s kind of mind blowing. At that point, why not go all out? One of the top 10 most expensive convertibles on the market will probably have all the amenities and features you are looking for in a high end car, as well as the added fun potential of a retractable roof. If top-down cruising in a luxurious car sounds like it’s just what you need, check out this list of high price convertibles. It’ll give you an overview of the best models in the upscale convertible market.

Driving around in a pricey convertible is a pretty powerful experience. Even with the roof closed, the most expensive convertible cars have distinctive styling that is sure to get the attention of others on the road. But these high priced convertible cars truly shine when the top is down, as they are meant to do. Opening the roof and letting the sun in the cabin means the high quality seat fabrics will warm up just a touch, the classy interior materials will shine and gleam, and you’ll be swathed in this luxurious cocoon as other drivers glance at you enviously. That’s why driving around in a really nice convertible is a lot of fun. Even being a passenger in one is a blast.  You can enjoy all the attention you’ll get while you’re idling at a stop. And then you can revel in the power of the engine and the growl of the exhaust as you roar off, with the wind rushing at you.