It’s possible to buy a new pickup truck without spending a fortune. That might come as a surprise because trucks get bigger and more powerful with each new model year. With that, inevitably, sticker prices climb higher. (And then there’s the matter of feeding such a monster.) Gigantic pickup trucks are a status symbol for many of their loyal fans, and that’s understandable. They’re a huge investment, and they certainly get attention. But what if a potential truck buyer doesn’t have an unlimited budget, doesn’t need enough power to tow a house, and doesn’t want to be cursed by everyone else in the grocery store parking lot for being unable to maneuver his new truck into a single spot? One of the top 10 least expensive trucks on this list might fit the bill quite nicely. These affordable trucks have enough space and power to fulfill a pickup truck’s everyday tasks, without all the excess.

Some of these inexpensive trucks might seem pretty basic to seasoned pickup truck shoppers, but when you’re shopping based primarily on price, there is always some compromise involved. These low price trucks won’t disappoint, though, if the purpose of the truck is productivity. Like other trucks, these inexpensive pickup trucks all have a bed, a cab, and decent tow capacity, so they’ll be able to perform a lot of work. Rest assured that functionality was not sacrificed to make these low cost trucks affordable. You can still drive your new furniture home, or pack up all your camping gear for a weekend in the woods, or even just cruise around looking purposeful. And even if yours isn’t the most powerful in the neighborhood, you’ll probably still be called upon to help your friends move. So in that sense, certainly, nothing has been lost when it comes to the lowest price trucks.