Plenty of people are content with modest convertibles. There’s a mindset that any drop top vehicle is better than its fixed roof counterpart. And there might be some truth to it. Cruising with the top down at an easy pace, blasting some peppy tunes, does have a certain relaxing appeal. Then there are the power hungry, who want the wind in their hair at much higher speeds, listening to the throaty growl of a substantial engine and performance exhaust. No need for music when you’re in one of the top 10 high horsepower convertibles with the roof open.

High performance convertibles are a perfect choice for someone who can’t decide between a sports car and an open top car. It’s the best of both worlds. In fact, some of the powerful convertibles on this list may even be classified in the sports car category, or close enough to masquerade as one. Many of the high horsepower convertibles on the market have the same features and options that are commonly associated with sports cars and other high horsepower cars, such as sporty interiors with race-inspired seats, large wheels that show off performance brakes, upgraded lighting, and the newest tech. Plenty of engine types are available across the category (and if you have a preferred manufacturer in mind, you may already be familiar with the brand’s signature offerings). Some high horsepower convertible cars even have manual transmission options, if you prefer a more engaging driving experience that enables you to exert a little more control over all that power.

If you prefer your sunshine and fresh air delivered at high speeds, any of the top ten high performance convertible cars will provide an exciting and memorable ownership experience. Upgrading to one of these powerful convertible cars is sure to lead to plenty of fun.