The tendency to use a lot of gas is usually indicative of a powerful vehicle (although that isn't always true). Gas guzzlers have a bad reputation for being wasteful, inefficient and expensive. But sometimes, it must be said, there's just no getting around it. People need powerful vehicles for a variety of reasons, and beefy engines need to be fed a lot of fuel in order to put down the power they need to get the job done -- whatever the job might be. So if you need a heavy duty workhorse of a pickup truck, you might want to check out the list of the top 10 gas guzzling trucks. And if you're in the market for a smaller, less powerful pickup, at least you'll know where not to look, because one of these gas guzzling trucks will probably be a bigger purchase than you actually need.

If you're about to start shopping for low gas mileage trucks, you're better off if you are already prepared to spend a lot of money. As we already know, low MPG trucks tend to correspond to high horsepower engines, which are faster and stronger, and usually seem to be found in larger-than-average pickup trucks. So, most of the characteristics of low fuel economy trucks are associated, in general, with more expensive vehicles. The large size, beefy mechanicals, and low efficiency all enable a work truck to get its chores done, but they all add up to a high budget purchase and ownership experience. That said, all of the gas guzzler trucks on this list should be able to meet or exceed your expectations when it comes to power. The lowest gas mileage trucks might disappoint your wallet and the Environmental Protection Agency, but they're more than capable of hauling or towing whatever it is you need to move around.