The Subaru WRX, long a favorite of the import and sport compact crowds, got a total redesign for the 2015 model year. This redesign was from the chassis up, meaning most of the 2015 WRX is totally new. And with that comes a few changes. The Subaru WRX was always pretty popular in hatchback form, but it’s gone now, and buyers can only get the WRX as a four-door sedan with less cargo room and, really, a less distinctive appearance. The WRX was also popular with people who liked to drive cars with manual transmissions, since the turbocharged engine, combined with a manual gearbox, was a really fun experience. But Subaru has added a CVT gearbox option to the WRX lineup, perhaps hoping to draw in new buyers as manual transmission cars fall more out of favor, and CVT technology improves and results in better fuel economy. So, how does the new 2015 Subaru WRX drive? Autobytel’s Road Test Editor Aaron Gold hosts this video review, and noted that Subaru’s efforts to concentrate on one body style and beef up the car’s suspension and handling capabilities might be worth the tradeoffs. For 2015, Subaru came up with a more compact motor, a 2-liter flat-four that makes 268 horsepower. The important things to remember are that the engine is still turbocharged, it is still all-wheel-drive, and there is still a manual transmission option.