Nissan Announces A New 5.0L Turbodiesel V8

Appears In The 2015 Nissan Titan

Nissan is one of the outliers in the full-size truck market. Their Titan truck has been on sale since 2003 and hasn't really made a dent in the truck market. Some of this comes from the Titan only coming with one engine, a 5.6L V8. Nissan hopes to change that as they announced something big for the next-generation Titan, due out within the next couple of years. A new 5.0L Turbodiesel V8 from Cummins will be available on the new Titan. You might think this engine is destined for a heavy-duty version of the new Titan, but this new engine is destined for the light-duty version. Fred Diaz, Sales and Marketing vice president for Nissan talks with us about the new engine.