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The sedan is among the most common types of cars, in part because they’re so versatile. Sedans and 4-door cars are big enough for most people, they can fit a few passengers inside as well as some luggage in the trunk, and most sedans have front-mounted engines and a front-wheel-drive configuration, which are efficient as well as easy to work on when it’s time for repairs. Sedans generally aren’t thrilling or dazzling, but it’s easy to see why they’ve earned a place of respect in the worldwide and domestic automotive landscapes.

Since there’s not much that can be changed about a sedan’s basic architecture, other than some rather superficial aesthetic elements, all sedans share similar structures of a fixed roof supported by three pillars on each side, four doors, a front engine compartment and a trunk. Some auto experts consider wagons and four-door hatchbacks to fall into the sedan family, even though these variations are marketed and sold as classes on their own. Since they share similar pillar structures, though, they count as sedans, at least functionally.

Because of sedans’ enduring popularity, new sedans are a particularly competitive vehicle class, especially since most sedans also fall into other vehicle categories. Hybrid sedans are just one example; these cars became popular as soon as people realized a hybrid didn’t necessarily have to be a subcompact car in order to achieve its target efficiency. And on the other end of the spectrum, luxury sedans are another way for auto manufacturers to get some extra mileage (and extra profit) out of the standard four-door body style by incorporating sophisticated designs and cutting edge features. New sedans can also be purchased with sporty or performance engines. And of course, some purists just see new 4-door cars as basic transportation, and prefer plain vanilla sedans, and there’s plenty of those to choose from, too. There’s lots of options for new sedans on the market, and whether a buyer’s purpose is for family travel, business commuting, or basic everyday driving, not all new sedans are built the same.