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2015 Buick Enclave

The 2015 Buick Enclave is a 4-door, 7-seat Sport Utility, available in 5 trims, ranging from the Convenience FWD to the Premium AWD w/1SD. Upon introduction, the $39,050 Convenience FWD is equipped with a standard 3.6L, 6-cylinder, engine that achieves 17-mpg in the city and 24-mpg on the highway. an Automatic transmission is standard. The $49,305 Premium AWD w/1SD is equipped with a standard 3.6L, 6-cylinder, engine that achieves 16-mpg in the city and 22-mpg on the highway. an Automatic transmission is standard.

America’s oldest surviving car brand, Buick was the first company in the General Motors portfolio of brands. The new Buick pictures you’ll find here on the Autobytel Website also depict iconic Buick models that have captured the imagination of the American motoring public.

Buick’s luxurious Roadmaster, LeSabre, and Electra 225 highway cruisers come most immediately to mind. However, during the muscle car era, the performance-oriented Buick GSX also offered 360 horsepower and 510 ft-lbs of torque. The Buick Regal Grand National, the ultimate iteration of which was offered in 1987, was well ahead of its time. Featuring a turbocharged V6 (a strategy many manufacturers are employing to this day), the Grand National was rated at 276 horsepower (though everyone agrees that figure was understated) and 360 ft-lbs of torque.

Buick is known for styling too; these new Buick images reveal a number of the styling elements of Buick cars have specific significance. The tri-shield Buick emblem (used to this day) is an adaptation of the coat of arms of the company’s founder, David Dunbar Buick’s Scottish family. Buick portholes, first seen on 1949 models, initially denoted the displacement of the engine in the car to which they were affixed. Today, they reflect the number of cylinders in the car’s engine; V8 models have four ports on each side, V6 models have three.

Further, these new Buick photos include the brand’s entire lineup. This includes luxury sedans, sports sedans, and crossover SUVs—as America’s oldest surviving carmaker tries to appeal to a younger audience of upwardly mobile professionals.