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2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a 3-door, 2-seat Cargo Van, available in 1 , the Sprinter 3500 4WD Extended Cargo 170" WB 4WD HD. Upon introduction, the $45,385 Sprinter 3500 4WD Extended Cargo 170" WB 4WD HD is equipped with a standard 3.0L, 6-cylinder, an Automatic transmission is standard. The $45,385 Sprinter 3500 4WD Extended Cargo 170" WB 4WD HD is equipped with a standard 3.0L, 6-cylinder, an Automatic transmission is standard.

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Autobytel houses a huge assortment of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter pics. One kind of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter pictures are those created by the car company themselves. These are professional images that are taken in a controlled environment with a blank background. The collection of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter photos include images of the body, the inside of the vehicle, and more. These are made available to the greater automotive community. They are also the highest quality images since there is a very high likelihood that these Mercedes-Benz Sprinter pics will be used in advertising campaigns across the country.

Some Mercedes-Benz Sprinter pictures are captured at automobile events. An automobile manufacturer uses these public events to generate enthusiasm over upcoming vehicle releases. Practically anyone with a camera can produce Mercedes-Benz Sprinter photos from auto shows. Autobytel.com as well as other outlets pick-up these pictures and display them to a much larger audience.

The last type of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter pictures are called spy shots. We get spy shots when an automobile company is analyzing the driving ability of a car. The spy shot can occur at a couple of different locations. Some spy shots are captured at race tracks around the world. And some are taken out on public roads. Some people make a career of capturing Mercedes-Benz Sprinter pics during the testing phase. There is a nice market for those who can successfully capture these pre-release photos.

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