Mazda5 Drives Away With Autobytel’s Minivan of the Year Award

If there was one surprise in the 2013 Autobytel awards, that would be with minivans. We had three contenders for this award and the one our editorial staff picked surprised us. The winner for the 2013 Autobytel Minivan of the Year goes to the Mazda5. The Mazda5 can be classified as a mini-minivan. This means in urban environments, the Mazda5 shines in maneuverability and finding those rare parking spots.The Mazda5 is also one of the best driving minivans thanks to Mazda’s knowledge of suspension and steering, plus the fact that you can get it with a 5-speed manual transmission. Autobytel’s Editor-in-Chief Michelle Naranjo presents the award to Jim O'Sullivan from Mazda at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show.