2014 Mazda3 Engineering Walkaround with Dave Coleman — SKYACTIV Technology Video Review

The Mazda3 is all new for the 2014 model year, and it features SKYACTIV technology. This Autobytel walk around video, featuring Mazda R&D Vehicle Testing Manager Dave Coleman, explains what, exactly, SKYACTIV technology means for the Mazda3. This is the third Mazda vehicle to implement this design approach, which describes how the entire car is designed at the same time. Usually, vehicle designers and engineers work on the car’s different systems separately, and then the whole car is pieced together at the end. As this video explains, though, these new Mazdas are built with a much different approach. However, the Mazda engineering team believes that by using a holistic approach in which the entire car is designed at the same time, the finished vehicle will work better as a whole, and that will improve the driving experience. An example is the steering system in the 2014 Mazda3. The electric power steering system, which was designed with the priority of improving the vehicle’s fuel economy, was engineered in tandem with the suspension system. What does the suspension have to do with power steering, exactly? Well, the suspension in this Mazda3 was designed to enhance steering by using suspension and steering geometry that complements the power steering system. That’s not all, though — this Autbytel video offers several other examples of the SKYACTIV technology system.