The Mazda3 is a four door five passenger sporty compact available with the Japanese fun to drive automaker’s gas saving SKYACTIV technology that incorporates innovations that include everything from vehicle structure to fuel efficient drive trains that delivers a 2.0 Liter four cylinder with an ultra high 13:1 compression ratio, advanced direct injection and a tuned exhaust; that produces 10% to 15% more low/mid-range torque, as well as 15% lower fuel consumption and emissions than previous Mazda 2.0 Liter engines.

The SKYACTIV four pot makes 155 HP and gets an estimated 28 MPG around town and as much as 40 MPG at cruising speeds when equipped with the SKYACVTIV-DRIVE six speed automatic which shifts smoothly for steady acceleration and quickly to deliver the connected feel of a manual, all controlled by an advanced control module that is responsible for keeping the Mazda3 SKYACTIV on the road and away from the pump and still deliver the amount of Zoom Zoom that Mazda owners have come to expect from the Hiroshima based car builder.  The SKYACTIV structure manages to shed over 200 lbs. from the traditional chassis while increasing structural rigidity by 30% without sacrificing crashworthiness.

The Japanese automaker offers the Mazda3 SKYACTIV in two forms, the $18,450 Mazda3 i Touring that comes with an AM/FM/MP3/CD six speaker stereo and an auxiliary audio input as well as Bluetooth hands free connectivity and leather wrapped steering wheel while wearing a set of stylish 16 inch rims.  The Grand Touring version is upgraded with a power sliding moon roof, Bose Centerpoint 10 Speaker Surround Sound System with AudioPilot, a full color compact navigation display as well as an eight way power adjustable leather wrapped driver's seat to go along with the door panel inserts.

Similar cars to the Mazda3 include the Honda Civic, the Toyota Corolla and the Hyundai Elantra.

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